A cross-section of Nigerians has criticised the Senator representing Lagos Central District, Remi Tinubu, for tackling her colleague, Smart Adeyemi, who raised pertinent questions about the growing insecurity, and for her playing politics with the lives of Nigerians who are being killed.

Some Nigerians on social media, Twitter, lambasted Tinubu for bringing party affiliations into insecurity, a national disaster consuming lives daily, even as they vowed that the female senator would never emerge as the First Lady in the country.

Tinubu had tackled Adeyemi, her All Progressives Congress's colleague from Kogi West, over the latter’s comment on Nigeria’s security challenges.

Adeyemi on Tuesday had said the country was facing the worst instability since the civil war.

“This is the worst instability we are facing. In fact, this is worse than the civil war,” he said.

But Tinubu interrupting him, had asked, “Are you in PDP (Peoples Democratic Party)? Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

Adeyemi, however, ignored her comments and continued, “We cannot pretend that we are capable of handling the situation in our hands. America, as powerful as they are, when the pandemic came, it came to a point China came to their rescue.

“We shouldn’t pretend that we need foreign support now. Billions of naira have been voted for security services and nothing is coming out of it. I’m a party man and I’m supporting APC but it has gotten to a point that as supporters we cannot keep quiet."

Some comments on Twitter from angry read, “Ayemojubar @ayemojubar said: "Remi Tinubu will never be a first lady in Nigeria."

Unu Amaro Kam Siri Kwado @AfamDeluxo wrote: "Imagine if Remi Tinubu becomes first lady, omo, some of us will be chased away from planet earth. A tall horrible woman. A bigot. A cretin. Same woman that bashed Ndiigbo during the last election."

IFA FUNSHO @funshographix, "Remi Tinubu is not preparing to be first lady. She just doesn't have sense. The name Nigeria will not even exist before 2023. Smart Adeyemi is already linking the information of everyone should go their separate ways. Nigeria will divide before 2023."

Also, @theonly1acre says, Remi Tinubu wants to be First Lady at the expense of the drop of blood of innocent Nigerians. May that dream never come true."

Another Nigerian said, “Tinubu and his wife's ambition to become the President and the First Lady supersedes every calamity that is currently befalling this country. But truthfully, they are not my problem. My major problem is the Nigerian youth who, just as our old generation of politicians/leaders have failed to position the country on the path to greatness, has also failed to collectively get it right in choosing worthy leaders for the country.

“There needs to be a break from the norm in future elections. The French youths did it with Emmanuel Macron. We can do it!”

Another commentator wrote, “And who voted for her husband to become president?? These people ehn, they don’t even know if Nigeria will exist in 2023 or if they will be alive and they are already fighting on who should be the First Lady......I am a Yoruba guy but I have always believed we the South-West contributed to the declining state of this country, all thanks to godfatherism we cherish so much.”

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