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Prosecute Alleged Child Molester, Baba ljesha And Guardians Of Minor Who Used Her As Bait —Actor, Fabiyi

Yomi Fabiyi, an actor, who had earlier requested for evidence before accusing Baba Ijesha of molesting the minor, kicked against the release of the video.

Mixed reactions have continued to trail the release of the CCTV footage showing Lanre Omiyinka, a Nollywood actor, popularly known as Baba Ijesha, molesting a minor.


Yomi Fabiyi, an actor, who had earlier requested for evidence before accusing Baba Ijesha of molesting the minor, kicked against the release of the video.


Fabiyi and Iyabo Ojo had earlier engaged in a heated exchange over their contradictory stance on the matter.


Fabiyi had earlier warned his colleagues not to be in a hurry to crucify Baba Ijesha. He added that before they castigate their colleague, they should ensure that law enforcement officers have done their investigation.


But Ojo had tackled Fabiyi over his position. 


She said, “Yomi Fabiyi, I know we have settled this on WhatsApp, but since you posted this on your IG page, shading me indirectly, lets kuku drag ourselves here because I have been getting a lot of tags from this your post. Do you want us to drag it here on IG too? Because it can’t be me you are referring to as too low and dirty. Ko le je Iyabo temi lailai, iwo ati tani Yomi? (meaning: It can’t be me, Iyabo, you are referring to. What would warrant such from you, Yomi?...”


Countering Ojo’s statement, Fabiyi said that the actress should allow the court to decide if Baba Ijesha was guilty. He further said that many people are not privy to the CCTV video or the suspect’s confession.

But following the release of the footage, which has now gone viral, Fabiyi has shifted blames to the victim's guardians, who he said were wrong for using the victim as bait to be molested.


He wrote on Instagram, “It is criminal to molest a minor or use a minor as a trap to gather evidence. 



“It is disturbing and unfortunate viewing the images of the released CCTV footage of a minor been sexually abused by a senior colleague, Mr Lanre Omiyinka a.k.a Baba Ijesha. There is no excuse for this act. I condemn this act, it is embarrassing and disappointing.


“I have carefully wait for reliable options before jumping into conclusion as done in a civilised society, a stance a handful misconstrued as supporting the suspect, it is a shame a handful in Nigeria still engage in social media recklessness in the name of the social media age. Nowhere I have supported or condoned such, someone just placed the idea and many without caution jumped on it. If you are not enlightened, seek knowledge.


“The only person free from arrest and prosecution is the young lady. Several red lines were crossed, Ignorance is never an excuse. The key question every honest person should be asking is, 'if the girl was your child, can you make her go through such trauma again in the name of gathering evidence?' Where are the social services and domestic violence unit in Lagos State? Shelve press release and sentiments, swing into action.


“The law is sacrosanct and we all can agree a lot more needs to be done to protect children in Nigeria. I am sad, we have failed many innocent children and it is time we rise to this challenge, the world is watching. Every nigerian who honestly feels for the poor girl should take to the street in a peaceful protest, demand the arrest of all connected to these ugly images, it is a cause worth risking everything for, do it for humanity and every innocent child.


“However, sentiment should never be an excuse to abuse the rights of every suspect or persons connected, that is the only way to achieve peace, fairness, justice and development. Thanks to the Lagos Police Commissioner and officers for their meticulous investigation and efforts so far. A society patient to balance a story seldom get misled or stand with lies. The media are doing a good job too. We want a safer Nigeria for every child.”


Other Nigerians have taken to social media to castigate Baba Ijesha the more. 


Twitter user, @BrilliantPearl2 said, “What you people even saying this man would have raped this girl it’s just so obvious. Sucking her fingers, touching her legs, touching all over her body for crying out loud she’s a minor. These are things you do to arouse a woman not a minor so why is he doing it to a minor? 


“This video is enough to nail him as a paedophile. You should not touch a minor inappropriately. In the last part of the video, you could hear them saying when he followed her inside the room they got scared so they rushed out. He even confessed, so what else? Because they set you up you fall.”


@Abdvlherphyz wrote, “For clarity to those in this reply saying 'it's nothing'. The molester is not unfamiliar to the girl who was his victim 7 years ago. And the touching is enough for him to bag jail time. Why is it less grievous to many of that he was touching her like that? He had no rights to.”


@iAm_MEdAL tweeted, “Everything this nigga did was intentional. I don't even believe that much in spirituality so he's not under any spell, it's very intentional. He should face the full wrath of the law.”