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Out Of Nowhere: Godwin Udoh Tells His Story Over 5 Years After A Policeman, For No Reason, Opened Fire On His Innocent Family, Changing Their Lives Forever

While my jaw and right hand sustained damage that still gives me issues today, my wife however couldn't live to tell her story.

In 2015, a police officer opened gunfire on them without provocation, thereby killing Godwin’s wife, blowing up Godwin’s jaw and causing a serious brain injury to his daughter.

It’s been more than 5 years since the incident and there has been no justice, neither has the family received any compensation; despite promises from the office of the Inspector General of Police and photo ops by the Lagos State Police Commissioner.


Godwin tells his story:


A policeman, for no reason, opened fire on Godwin Udoh´s innocent family, changing their lives forever