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Reflecting On Nigeria’s Toxic Statement On Israel Vs Palestine And Why The Buhari Dictatorship Must Start By Freeing Sowore By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Surprisingly, in the face of the political and economic catastrophes facing him, dictator Muhammadu Buhari suddenly became a moral crusader for the world.

When thunderstone strikes, it strikes with anger and destroys anything that is destructible.

In a similar vein, dictator Muhammadu Buhari is an evil storm that has destroyed the structures he met in place, crushed all fundamental rights by getting his critics illegally arrested with no concrete evidence to justify such illegal arrests. 


Nepotism has always been part of his agenda, by sidelining other regions and appointing his kinsmen into sensitive positions even when majority of those he appoints have no idea or knowledge about the positions they have been appointed into.

Nigeria is already a war zone as violation of human rights is a daily duty which dictator Buhari’s regime has chosen as a priority.

Human lives have no value under dictator Buhari. In fact, the recent redeployment of soldiers to the South-East and South-South shows the utter disdain this repressive regime has for human rights.

Surprisingly, in the face of the political and economic catastrophes facing him, dictator Muhammadu Buhari suddenly became a moral crusader for the world. 

Strange indeed that this hypocritical attitude came from a man who has committed boundless atrocities ranging from human rights violations to crimes against humanity and even war crimes in his desperation to keep himself in power.

It must be recalled that both Palestine and Israel have never issued a statement condemning the ongoing security crises in Nigeria, where terrorists have killed thousands and displaced millions, including kidnapping innocent people and schoolchildren.

On the 3rd of August, 2019, dictator Buhari ordered the State Security Services or “DSS” to arrest Omoyele Sowore, a human right activist and the founder of Sahara Reporters in a Gestapo fashion. The illegal arrest was under his usual anti-democratic claim that all protests in Nigeria are aimed at overthrowing his woeful regime. But what else do you expect from a coup plotter?

As we all know, protest has been a fundamental right of Nigerian citizens until dictator Buhari came and crushed the constitution with outright militarisation of the civic space. Which accounts for why Sowore was never invited by the DSS to furnish it with details on RevolutionNow protest before moving to illegally arrest him.

Despite making the demands of the protest known to the public, Sowore was manhandled, humiliated and incarcerated without committing a crime.

The so-called intelligence agency (DSS) brazenly claimed without proof that Sowore colluded with some foreigners in Dubai to topple dictator Buhari’s catastrophic regime, particularly with Nnamdi Kanu who is calling for the secession of Biafra from a suffocating Nigeria.

The DSS carried out this charade and show of national embarrassment without any prior investigation before the arrest and subsequent claim of same in court documents and to the public. This was despite the fact that Sowore had never been to Dubai or any UAE country.

Without pressure from outside the country, dictator Buhari would never have considered the release of Omoyele Sowore from illegal custody.

With all these cruel violations, dictator Buhari still had the temerity to poke his nose into Palestinian and Israeli conflict. 

Not just that, he even advised Israel to respect human rights whilst he is a champion of human rights violations, jailing critics and journalists, killing peaceful and unarmed protesters and filing trumped-up charges against those who are lucky to escape police and soldiers’ bullets during peaceful demonstrations. 

Laughable! A government that cannot handle its internal terrorism is advising a developed country to respect human rights! The blood-flow on the streets of Nigeria is a challenge that dictator Buhari needs to face and get rid of. 

This hypocrisy by way of issuing an unsolicited toxic statement is unnecessary and embarrassing.

All across Nigeria, terrorist organisations are seizing lands, collecting taxes with the Buhari dictatorship feigning ignorance. There is also the terrorist group that disguises as bandits, who kidnap and demand ransoms in millions of Naira.

Dictator Buhari’s regime is ignoring all of these, focusing instead on his favourite victims in the South-East where he has ordered the military to shoot-on-sight for no known offence except their demand for self-determination.

There’s also the attacks on Shiite members who have been killed with reckless disregard for peacefully demonstrating in demand for the release of their leader Sheikh Ibrahim El-zakzaky and his wife. They are still being held in custody despite several court orders to free them. 

So who is telling Israel to respect fundamental human rights?

Dictator Buhari and his woeful regime are unfit to make any statement advising another country to respect human rights. 

Buhari’s Nigeria should not even be heard, and even is unqualified to issue such a statement. Until Sowore, El-zakzaky, IPOB and several other individuals and organisations whose rights have been violated by the Buhari dictatorship are given justice, dictator Buhari and his gang should shut up.

 You cannot be ordering Israel to respect human rights when you can’t even order Boko Haram.

Charity, they say begins at home. The abnormalities in dictator Buhari’s regime are enormous and well beyond redemption. 

Therefore, if dictator Muhammadu Buhari respects human rights as he now advocates, he should set an example by respecting that of Sowore, drop the concocted charges against him and release him from city arrest. 

Until then, dictator Buhari will remain the odd option when issues of human rights are discussed. This hypocrisy, which our people refer to as “eye service,” will change nothing.