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AAC Demands Arrest of Policewoman Who Shot Sowore At Close Range

It also described it as a botched political assassination attempt on Sowore by the Buhari government.

The African Action Congress (AAC) has called for the arrest and prosecution of the female police officer, CSP Altine Hyelhira Daniel who shot at the National Chairman of the party, Omoyele Sowore at close range.

The party said the attempt on the life of Sowore was well-planned but poorly executed.


It also described it as a botched political assassination attempt on Sowore by the Buhari government.

A statement signed by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Femi Adeyeye, described the attack as attempted murder and therefore called for the immediate arrest of the officer and the team that perpetrated the act.

The statement said, "Nigerians have recorded a new low in the attack on the rights of Nigerians to peacefully assemble, associate and express themselves without fear.

"We are seized by the event at the Unity Fountain, Abuja where concerned citizens have gathered to protest the spate of insecurity that has claimed the lives of over 4,500 Nigerians in a space of just a month.

"This is without mentioning the rate of kidnappings, violent displacement of persons and banditry ravaging our immediate communities. The drowsiness of the Buhari regime has also made the country rank 3rd position in the list of most terrorised nations in the World.

"These were among the many unfortunate reasons concerned Nigerians, including members of the AAC who proposed to gather and demand in a peaceful protest that the sleeping regime wake up to its primary responsibility to secure lives and property of Nigerians.”

The statement added that the National Chairman of the AAC, Sowore, alongside other comrades was addressing the illegality, when another detachment of policemen led by CSP Altine arrived at the scene, shot at Sowore and dispersed the protesters.

"We maintain that the shooting of the National Chairman, Omoyele Sowore in Abuja this morning by the police is a well-planned but poorly executed and botched political assassination attempt by Buhari government and its think tank! We demand the immediate arrest of CSP Altine and her team.

"The attack on peaceful protesters today is the last thing they had to do to intimidate the people and to send the signal of how deadly they could be in the next few days, if people attempted to stage any form of protest.

"We want to assure the murderous Buhari regime that this shall be counter-productive in the long run as it is very impossible to beat citizens to stupor like this and still forbid them from crying or determine the place where they can cry."

The party therefore called on all Nigerians home and abroad to remain resolute in the fight against tyranny and oppression of the Buhari government.