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How Sowore Was Shot By CSP Altine Daniel During Protest Against Insecurity In Abuja

It was learnt that the police locked the main gate upon sighting Sowore and his group, denying them access.

More Facts have emerged as to how human rights activist and Convener of RevolutionNow, Omoyele Sowore was shot by a female police officer, CSP Altine Daniel. 

Sowore was shot at the Unity Fountain in Abuja.


Sowore arrived at the fountain alongside few other protesters but they were locked out by armed policemen who had cordoned off the area.

Meanwhile, a group of protesters led by Jaye Gaskia were already inside the arena. 

It was learnt that the police locked the main gate upon sighting Sowore and his group, denying them access.

The activist, while making enquiry from the police on why he was locked out, was told that the order was from the Commisioner of Police.

The activist swiftly called the Commissioner of Police but he denied giving such an order.[story_link align="left"]94674[/story_link]

It was at this point the female officer mobilised some officers and drove close to Sowore and his group, before shooting at him. 

Sowore, who was holding an iron net put around the fountain screamed in pain and went down. Blood gushed out of the wound. 

Speaking to SaharaReporters, his lawyer, Abubakar Marshal who was also at the protest described the shooting of unarmed protesters as callous, wicked and unwarranted.

Marshal said, "Comrade gathered at Unity Fountain this morning in furtherance of the protest slated for today. When we got to the Unity Fountain, we discovered that the gate had been locked and we inquired from the policemen on the ground. We were informed that there was an order from the Commissioner of Police, FCT to lock the gate.

"We put a call to the Commissioner of Police and he denied that he gave such an order and he promised to order his men to open the gate in the next two minutes so that we could have access to the fountain, a public utility.[story_link align="left"]94666[/story_link]

"As soon as we dropped the call, a detachment from the FCT police command, led by one CPS Altine Hyelhira Daniel, came down from the vehicle and opened fire on the protesters standing outside the fountain.

"There was no communication, altercation or disagreement. No form of provocation of any sort, she just alighted from the vehicle and opened fire, along with her men." 

Femi Adeyeye, Publicity Secretary of the African Action Congress (AAC), who was also an eyewitness, said, "As soon as we gathered at the protest ground the gates were locked on the orders of the Commissoner of Police, FCT, Bala Ciroma."

"Sowore alongside other comrades was addressing the illegality, when another detachment of armed-to-the-teeth policemen led by CSP Altine arrived at the scene and without recourse to any iota of civilisation or civil engagement, shot at Omoyele Sowore and dispersed the protesters violently." 

As at the time of filing this report, doctors were still battling to save his life.