A motorist has resisted being extorted by men of the Nigeria Police around Aguda Titun Bus Stop in Ogba, Lagos State.

In a video shared on Friday by a Twitter user, The Revolutionary Seeker (WAEC) (@The_Seeker76), a policeman in uniform and another one in mufti stopped a driver who was driving a Toyota Camry.

The security agents went ahead to block his way with a wooden table, while he was in traffic.

While other passersby did nothing to help, the man stood his ground as the policeman in mufti grabbed his trousers.

There was another man brave enough to lend his voice in the video as he shouted, “They wanted to extort him. He refused to be extorted. He didn’t do anything. He was in traffic and they stopped him. He did nothing.”

“See Shameless extortion by men of the Nigeria Police at Aguda Titun bus stop at Ogba. I am in love with this young man who reminded the police why the #EndSARS protest was so very needed. He refused to be harassed or extorted and stood for his rights till people came,” The Revolutionary Seeker (WAEC) tweeted with the posted video.

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