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How Fulani Herdsmen Killed My Father, Dispersed My Siblings— Victim Of Attack On Oyo Community

He narrated his experience during a programme on Agidigbo 88.7FM Ibadan.

A young boy named Idowu Abdulkareem, who is a resident of Igangan community, in the Ibarapa North area of Oyo state has narrated how Fulani herdsmen killed his father and dispersed his three brothers.


He narrated his experience during a programme on Agidigbo 88.7FM Ibadan. 


Idowu said his father was a hunter and among the brave ones who combated killer herdsmen whenever they attacked Ibarapa. 


"Some Bororo (herdsmen) came to invade our community (Igangan) and my father was one of the hunters that always combated the Fulanis. On that fateful day, my father had gathered other hunters and was ready to confront the herdsmen. My father was shot in the head by the herdsmen immediately after he stepped out of the house from our backyard.


"We saw something white coming out of his head (brain fluid) as we were trying to drag his lifeless body into the house. The herdsmen who shot him were trying to catch up with us, then I went to the window and started shooting my catapult at them till my brothers were be able to drag the body of our father into the house. 


"After we succeeded in dragging the body into the house, we all ran out of the house to an unknown destination. On our way, we met a community member going towards Ibadan in his vehicle. We stopped him and he asked if we were also running for safety, we said yes. And he put us in the boot of his vehicle. That was how we got to Ibadan."


He said he and some of his siblings who also fled during the attack had not located one another since then.


"The man dropped us at Shaki motor park in Ibadan but we didn’t know anywhere in Ibadan. At the park, we all agreed to go in different directions to look for anything to do so that we could get something to eat and make the park our meeting point to sleep at night.


"I was the first person to get back there, then I went to pray. After praying, I waited but could not find my siblings. I thought maybe they found somewhere else to sleep. Not long afterward, I saw people with torches coming in my direction. Then I hid under a vehicle and covered myself with chairs and I slept there till morning." 


Meanwhile, the boy said he wants to be educated and promised to be of good character if he gets any help. 


He said he was missing his elder brothers, who are twins, Taye and Kehinde, and his younger brother, Alaba. 

According to him, his mother died some years back.


SaharaReporters had reported that the killer herdsmen arrived at the Igangan community around 11 pm on Saturday, June 5, killing and burning cars and houses.


But the Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Adebo Ogundoyin in the statement said about five people were killed by the herdsmen and bandits.


The statement reads, "Early this morning, I received a distress call about a fresh attack on our people in Igangan, Ibarapa North Local Government Area by bandits and suspected criminal herders in which about 5 residents were allegedly killed, some injured and properties burnt.


"I condemn this unfortunate attack and sympathise with the families who lost their loved ones and properties. I also appreciate the security personnel, vigilantes, Amotekun Corps, local hunters, and brave men that rose in the middle of the night to combat the bandits and save the lives of our people.


"These murderers are not tired and it is our collective responsibility to protect our lives, women, children, and our communities from these evildoers.


"While assuring of my continuous support to every adoptable security measure and strategy, I’m also calling on all security agencies- the Nigeria Police, Operation Burst, Amotekun Corps, vigilante groups, local hunters, community leaders within and around Ibarapaland for an urgent security meeting.


"If this insecurity persists, it means we have not done enough. All of us.


"It is not time to sleep...let us all stay awake."