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EXPOSED: How Nigerian-born Alleged Fraudster, Kazim Oyenuga Listed Dead Man On His US Company’s Board Of Directors

Also speaking to SaharaReporters, another US-based pharmacist who preferred to remain anonymous claimed Kazim defrauded him of $100,000.

A Nigerian-born alleged fraudster, Dr. Kazim Oladotun Oyenuga has listed Professor Enitan Abisogun Bababunmi as a board member of his Pharmaceutical company in the United States, Medicineers at USPharmaceutical four years after his demise.

SaharaReporters gathered that Bababunmi, a retired staff member of the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan died on May 29, 2017.


The deceased was listed by Kazim as the Associates Founding Consultant of Medicineers at USPharmaceutical on its website,

“The Vice-Chancellor A. I. Olayinka, FAS, announces with deep regret, the transition of Professor Enitan Abisogun Bababunmi, a retired staff of the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine.

“The sad event occurred on Monday 29 May 2017. 


“May the good Lord grant his family the fortitude to bear the great and irreparable loss. The funeral arrangements will be announced by the family. May his gentle soul Rest In Peace,” an obituary released by the management of the University of Ibadan on June 28, 2017, read in part. 

SaharaReporters had recently reported how Kazim, a son of the late Taiwo Oyenuga Sitaga (Sikiru Taiwo Oyenuga), a popular gold merchant in Ibadan, Oyo State, allegedly defrauded two Nigerians of $134,000 (about N67 million).

“Kazim that resides at 6508 Sleepy Spring Dr. Plano TX 75024 has become a menace to the society since he had channelled his focus, knowledge, and passion to defrauding personal individuals, wholesale vendors, insurance companies, landlords, employees. He has carved a niche for himself as a serial fraudster.

“He is an impostor, pretending to operate pharmacy practices to the society. However, his entire business motive is to defraud, steal and destroy another innocent,” Olufemi Dominic who was allegedly defrauded of $34,000 in 2020 told SaharaReporters.

Olufemi accused Kazim’s mother, Saudat Oyenuga of being an accomplice in his ‘fraudulent business operations’. [story_link align="left"]94996[/story_link]

“The duo actively collaborate in diverse fraudulent schemes to engage, defraud, and instill fears and barriers to silence their victims, using all mischievous and fraudulent means.

“In January 2020, Saudat Oyenuga and Oladotun Kazim Oyenuga conspired to defraud me. They conspired using manipulative attempts to extort monetary funds from me. They invited me to their family home in Plano, Texas, USA where I met the duo.

“After the casual and informal meeting, Kazim told me to partner with him on one of his Pharmacy stores, IMEDSPLUS THE I-LAB (MEDICINESPLUS LLC) on the grounds that the business operations were becoming too overwhelming for only him to handle by himself. In addition, Kazim expressed that his recent inability to singlehandedly juggle the operations of his multiple stores had led him to lose some money after forfeiting one of the pharmacy stores as a result.

“I initially declined the business offer, on the note that I and my wife were just in the process of opening our own new pharmacy store around the same time. However, Kazim never gave up asking and begging as a result of his desperation to get me to come to terms with his business offer. After several pleas, placations, and pressure from Kazim for me to come on board with him, I agreed on the condition to probationally join the business to ensure the actual state of the business, thoroughness, and the validity of the business as Kazim had disclosed.

“Kazim disclosed that the pharmacy in question only needed two full-time employees; a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy technician to get running. Kazim requested me to manage the pharmacy operations, while he focuses on running his own other two pharmacies. I agreed to collaborate in running the pharmacy operations and then requested all necessary documents in order to get a deeper insight into how to help the business get better.

“However, Kazim insisted that it was highly imperative for me to also commit some money into the business. Just as mentioned in his own word that I needed skin in the game in order to ensure that I would be willing to uphold the values and interests of the business.

“He initially demanded the sum of $100,000.00 (about N50, 000, 000), but I told him I could not afford such considering his other business engagements. So, we agreed on an initial payment of $20,000.00 (about N10, 000, 000 to get things started. Within a week of my financial commitment and engagement with Kazim’s business, Kazim approached me about some pharmacy equipment he wanted to sell and mentioned that I might be able to use them to jumpstart my other pharmacy business.

“Although I declined to purchase the equipment, after much pressure from Kazim, I offered to pay him $14, 000.00. (about N7 million). Upon Kazim’s receipt of payment, he sent the equipment to me only for me to discover that the equipment was missing on all accessories in addition to being obsolete plus the fact that the equipment would not qualify to meet the stipulations of the Texas State Pharmacy Boards and the Drug Enforcement Agencies.

“I rejected the equipment and Kazim apologised and then promised to refund the $14, 000.00 (about N7 million). Within one and half months of running IMEDSPLUS THE I-LAB (MEDICINESPLUS LLC), Kazim failed to provide sufficient proper documentation for the business. In addition, I observed two new pharmacists had left within two weeks that they were hired.

“Finally, it was the third pharmacist that was able to get down to the root of the issues. It then became quite obvious that the business did not exist, and everything was just a scam. I then approached Kazim and he feigned ignorance and shamefully apologised for misleading me. 

He then agreed to pay Olufemi the total sum of $34,000.00.

“Since April 2020, Kazim has been making numerous excuses for his inability to pay the money to me. Even though his flamboyant lifestyles still reinforce the fact that he has the means to pay, he deliberately chose not to pay back. He later boasted in a text message to me that he had been defrauding people for ages. 

“This declaration forced me to do some background checks into his dealings and it was then I found out that Kazim is a serial fraudster that has somehow got away with defrauding people, financial institutions, pharmaceutical drug wholesalers, employees, landlords, etc.”

He continued, “He is still on the street as a white-collar criminal, walking conveniently, living flamboyantly. I recently realised that he just bought two exotic Range Rover cars (over $200, 000) for himself and his wife. I then decided to raise delegates to discuss my concerns with his family members from his father's side, having found out that his mum and siblings are with him in the business of defrauding people.

“This infuriated Kazim for being exposed as a fraudster to his family members. His concern and desperation of his escapades as a fraudster forced him to hire off-duty police officers, in an unprecedented and unprofessional manner to kidnap my younger brother that resides in Osogbo, Osun state, believing that would help instill fear to silence me.

“The attempt to kidnap my brother on behalf of Kazim failed. However, these police officers from Scorpion Squad, Akure, Ondo state maltreated my brother’s neighbors, arrested two of the neighbours for no apparent wrongdoings and forced them after a couple of days to pay their hard-earned money for bail. In addition, they vandalised my bother’s house and stole a few of his personal assets.”

Also speaking to SaharaReporters, another US-based pharmacist who preferred to remain anonymous claimed Kazim defrauded him of $100,000.

“I was defrauded of $100,000 by him. I know someone he defrauded of $250,000 as well. He has mastered the art of his business, by registering and opening multiple pharmacy businesses either simultaneously or one after the other.

“He sets up the business in some of the affluent and upscale neighborhoods around Dallas (DFW) metroplex. A few of the businesses Kazim had operated are Imedsplus Integrative, Pharmacompoundia, Care Tecture LLC, Medicineers at USPharmaceutical (, etc.

“The model is to just create a persona of and façade of doing legitimate pharmacy business to potential victims. He then combines this façade with his presentation of his impressive academic background to cajole his victims to engage in business relationships with him.”

He was also accused of defrauding another Nigerian living in the United States, Dr. Ayo Gbadebo of $100,000 (about N50 million).

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