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Corps Members Cry Out As NYSC Shuns Redeployment Applications Amid Insecurity, Suspends Allowances

They added that their accounts were also suspended by the NYSC management.


Some corps members are in a state of confusion following the refusal of the management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to approve their applications for redeployment.

Some of the corps members told SaharaReporters that they applied for relocation based on health issues and insecurity in the Northern region of the country where cases of Boko Haram attacks, herdsmen, and banditry violence have worsened in recent times but were denied redeployment.


They added that their accounts were also suspended by the NYSC management.

“We did relocation which was approved but just two days after it was approved, the relocation was cancelled and our accounts were suspended, the only people whose accounts were not suspected and their relocation wasn't cancelled were those whose approval letters were on Director-General’s directive, why those who relocated on health ground and insecurity had their relocation applications cancelled and account suspended.

“No tangible reason was given by any NYSC officials, they only told us to go back to the states we deployed from, Some went back and their accounts still remain suspended.


“For the past two weeks now, this is unfair and use of power in cheating those of us whose relocation wasn't base on Director-General’s directive, all we are asking from the DG is to release our accounts and our relocation,” an affected corps member told SaharaReporters.

Another corps member said the NYSC management disapproved his relocation requests from Imo state amid insecurity in the state.

He said, “I’m a youth corps member who just went through the orientation course in Imo state. Before I went camping, I was aware of the insecurity issues in the state. But I had no choice at that time. So before the end of the orientation course, I applied online to relocate to Lagos, on grounds of insecurity.

“My relocation was approved and I was redeployed to Lagos only for the relocation to be reversed and my account was suspended. The point of all this story is that NYSC is trying to force me and others back to Imo state amid insecurity in the state.

“I’m willing to serve my country but I’m not willing to risk my life in order to do so. We are aware that they are trying as much as possible to hide all this from the media.”

Another lady who identified herself as Naimat said her request based on health grounds was earlier granted but got cancelled days after.

She said, “I’m one of those corps members whose accounts were suspended after a successful redeployment. After our accounts were suspended, nothing has been done regarding reopening them. I redeployed based on a health issue from camp and I can’t go back to that state.

“It was initially successful but got cancelled after some days.”

Another youth corps member identified as Kenny said, “My name is Kenny, a youth corps member currently redeployed to Lagos from Sokoto. But two weeks ago, the redeployment was cancelled and my portal was blocked.”

A parent whose daughter was also affected asked the Nigerian government to intervene.

He said, “My daughter camped in Ebonyi with Batch A, Stream 1 in March with the intention of having her stay back in Ebonyi for the experience. She fell ill from camp and after camp, I couldn’t do anything because we presented her health to be good.

“But after leaving camp, I noticed she can still relocate based on insecurity, due to the happenings in the East and especially Ebonyi state. I mean the herdsmen and the unknown gunmen killings.

“So I applied on her dashboard for relocation on insecurity. A day after she went for documentation in her new state, the relocation was reversed and her account was suspended.

“She was asked to go back to Ebonyi for state clearance to be able to print her relocation letter which she did. These corps members can’t just sit down at home like this after registering and going through a lot in the last 2-3months.”