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Only 11 Kwara Assembly Lawmakers Sponsored Motions In One Year—Group

#KwaraBillsTracker report released by ENetSuD disclosed that seventeen (17) motions were presented by the 9th KWHA in its second year

A civil society organisation, Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD), says 13 out of the 24 legislators in the Kwara State House of Assembly have not moved any motion for one year.
According to the anti-corruption organisation, only 11 lawmakers sponsored 17 motions in the Assembly.


The group made this disclosure in a statement made by its Press Secretary for Media and Publicity Committee, Saeed Tijjani, and made it available to SaharaReporters on Monday.
It titled the release, ‘Only 11 Kwara Assembly Lawmakers sponsored motions in the second year – ENetSuD,’ and revealed the motions sponsored by the 11 lawmakers in the state.
“The Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD), an anti-corruption Civil Society Organisation has disclosed that only eleven (11) out of the twenty-four (24) lawmakers in the Kwara State House of Assembly (KWHA) sponsored motions during the second year of the 9th Assembly.
“In a part of the #KwaraBillsTracker report released by its Coordinator (Dr. Alagbonsi Abdullateef), ENetSuD disclosed that seventeen (17) motions were presented by the 9th KWHA in its second year and that all these 17 motions were sponsored by 11 lawmakers. ENetSuD went further by giving details of the 17 motions sponsored by the lawmakers during the year," it said. 
It revealed that the lawmaker with five motions which was the highest was Mogaji Abubakar Olawoyin, while Abdullahi Halidu Danbaba and Owolabi Olatunde Razaq followed him with two motions each.
“ENetSuD listed the 11 lawmakers and their number of sponsored motions in the second year as Hon. Mogaji Abubakar Olawoyin (5 motions), Hon. Abdullahi Halidu Danbaba (2 motions), Hon. Owolabi Olatunde Razaq (2 motions).
“Others are Hon. Awodiji Omotayo Felix (1 motion), Hon. Adetiba Olanrewaju Raphael (1 motion), Hon. Abdulkareem Babatunde Paku (1 motion), Hon. Ambali Olatunji Ibrahim (1 motion), Hon. Abolarin Ganiyu Gabriel (1 motion), Hon. Yusuf Gbenga Abdulwaheed (1 motion), Hon. Ojo Olayiwola Oyebode (1 motion), and Hon. Mohammad Baba Salihu (1 motion),” the statement read in part.
It further clarified the motions sponsored by each lawmaker during the debates on the floor of the House.
“The 5 motions sponsored by Hon. Mogaji Olawoyin representing Mogaji Ngeri constituency in Ilorin West LGA are: Need to curb activities of illegal miners in Kwara state; need to mitigate fire outbreaks during the dry season; admission of his Excellency, the Governor of Kwara state and his entourage into the floor of the House; appointment of some Principal Officers and Hon. Members to usher in His Excellency, the Governor of Kwara State into the Floor of the House; and the need to reinvigorate enforcement of the observance of safety protocols against the second wave of COVID‐19 pandemic in Kwara state.
“The 2 motions sponsored by Hon. Abdullahi Halidu Danbaba representing Kaiama / Kemanji / Wajibe Constituency in Kaiama LGA are the need to overhaul the activities of electricity distribution companies for effective and efficient service delivery; and the need to control the high cost of food items in Kwara state.
“The 2 motions sponsored by Hon. Owolabi Olatunde Razaq representing Share / Oke-Ode Constituency in Ifelodun LGA are the need to put in place an efficient medical waste management system for Kwara state, and the need for pragmatic policy to enhance consistent availability of oxygen in our hospitals in Kwara state.
“Those that sponsored only 1 motion and the motion sponsored are Hon. Awodiji Felix representing Irepodun LGA (Need To Implement The Kwara State Security Trust Fund Law, 2012); Hon. Adetiba-Olanrewaju Raphael representing Ekiti LGA (Need To Reposition Kwara State Staff Development College For Optimum Results); Hon. Abdulkareem Babatunde Paku representing Ipaye Malete Oloru in Moro LGA (Need For Pedestrian Bridges In The City Of Ilorin, Capital Of Kwara State); Hon. Ambali Olatunji Ibrahim representing Owode / Onire Constituency in Asa LGA (The Need To Checkmate The Importation, Production, Distribution, Sales And Consumption Of Fake And Expired Products).
“Others are Hon. Abolari Ganiyu Gabriel (Indiscriminate Construction Of Bumps And Speed Breakers On Roads In Kwara State); Hon. Yusuf Abdulwaheed Gbenga representing Essa / Shawo Igboidun Constituency of Offa LGA (Need For Urgent Control Of Community Spread Of Covid-19 Pandemic In Kwara State).

"Hon. Ojo Olayiwola Oyebode representing Oke-Ogun Constituency of Oyun LGA (Need To Construct, Reconstruct And Desilt Drainages On Our Roads); and Hon. Mohammad Baba Salihu representing Okuta / Yashikira Constituency of Baruten LGA (Need To Curb Indiscriminate Parking Of Vehicles And Use Of 'No Parking' Signs On Roads In Ilorin Metropolis).
“ENetSuD finally noted that the remaining lawmakers did not sponsor any motion to their credit during the second year, even though they participated in the debate on those motions,” the statement added.