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Attack On Igboho: Buhari, Tinubu, Pastor RUGA Osinbajo Are Responsible By Bayo Oluwasanmi

July 4, 2021

Tinubu the Pharaoh, stands against freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of Yorubas.

The midnight massacre at Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho Oosa’s house and destruction of his property bears the signatures of General Muhammadu Buhari the Aso Rock Butcher, Bola Tinubu the Pharaoh, and Pastor RUGA Osinbajo the Scribe.

All three have vehemently opposed Yoruba Nation. Coming on the heels of arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader, the midnight massacre at Igboho’s house was expected. Buhari the Butcher of Aso Rock has so far demonstrated he’s a cannibalistic dictator who is responsible for the slaughtering of thousands of IPOB members and other Igbos. Known for flashing his tooth-gap sick smiles, he presides over extraordinary human rights violations ever witnessed in the history of Nigeria. 


In the shadows, Buhari is busy creating his own “killer squads,” - Fulani terrorists- tasked with killing Yorubas, Igbos, and other non-Fulani ethnic groups. Buhari is ruthless, wicked, callous, cold, calculating, and vindictive. He used his military clout to further Fulani goals and Islamization agenda. He lacks the intelligence, wisdom, courage, integrity, and skill to deal with political matters. Over the years, Buhari has become increasingly erratic, repressive, nepotistic, and corrupt. Tens of thousands non-Fulanis continue to be violently killed on ethnic, political, and religious grounds. His method of murder became increasingly sadistic. Buhari’s cruelty to dizzying effects, is attributable to absolute power. Buhari, the brutal dictator, the 21st Century jihadist, brought economic ruin, social unrest, violence, and agitation for separation. There’s no denying that he’s the real Butcher of Aso Rock.

Tinubu the Pharaoh, stands against freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of Yorubas. He shares the same traits with the Biblical Pharaoh. Tinubu is arrogant. He has deep fear for rebellion or revolution. He responds with subjugation. His internal emptiness leads to overcompensate with aggression. He’s defiant. He pushes against boundaries and limitations. He considers himself a god, but refuses acknowledgement of any other. 

Techniques employed by Tinubu as Pharaoh 

result from the above personality traits. He amasses tremendous wealth. He behaves criminally by bypassing the law. He’s known for his mischief and corruption in Yoruba land. He speaks as though he is the defender and preserver of the Yoruba race. He manipulates and divides Yoruba people with organized means of deception. 

He claims to be speaking in defense of Yoruba people. He calls on the people to defend him against the people of truth. He keeps Yorubas divided into factions. He elevates some, and subjugates others. He keeps elevating himself above the people. He is “Asiwaju.” He is “Jagaban.” He is the “Landlord of Lagos.” He keeps monitoring the masses to prevent subversion and dissension. Whenever he fears a threat, he sweeps through with violence and murder by deploying M. C. Oluomo and his troops of hired assassins. 

Pastor RUGA Osinbajo, like the Biblical scribe, is a professional at spelling out the letters of the Law, while he ignores the spirit behind it. The righteousness of Pastor RUGA as scribe is not enough to make him a pastor called by God. As a scribe, he knows the law, he taught to others, but he does not obey it or advise the Aso Rock tyrant and butcher that we are in a democracy and that the rule of law is supreme. Typical of a scribe, Pastor RUGA has replaced true life of godliness with a pretense of holiness. His blind support of Buhari’s tyrannical regime eloquently illustrates this. Hypocrite at heart, scribe RUGA is more interested in supporting evil regime of Buhari and mad ambition of Tinubu than in pleasing God.

The Aso Rock Butcher, the Pharaoh, and the Scribe cannot stop the tsunami of agitation for self-determination. Their sins will find them out. Disintegration of Nigeria is not only assured. It is imminent and inevitable!


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