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The North Is Bleeding While The Elites Are Fighting For 2023 Presidency By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

The political and leadership failure represent the fundamental menace that continue to trouble Northerners whose only joy is that one of their own is in charge.

The rate of poverty in the Northern region of Nigeria is quite unfortunate despite the abundant resources and human power in the region. 

The political and leadership failure represent the fundamental menace that continue to trouble Northerners whose only joy is that one of their own is in charge.


The instability of the Nigerian government has seriously damaged the educational system in the country. The numbers of students who have dropped out of school is alarming in the region, and this has paved way for the recruitment of insurgency because majority are unemployed.

The children of the ‘common people’ they refused to educate are now asking for a pound of flesh in return. Although some of these self-acclaimed elder statesmen in the North have always known that the calamities will consume them one day, they refused to turn a new leaf. 

And now, Northern elites, both  traditional and political leaders are now reaping years of their negligence and  selfish exclusion of the poor people.

If our national treasury had been used in line with our national needs, our educational and healthcare systems would have been in good shape, and no government official would have been required to fly out of the country for the slightest headache. 

Nigeria’s economic woes has deeply affected the lives of millions of people in the country. No wonder terrorists are honoured and regarded as peace-keeping ambassadors. 

Our political leaders prefer praise-singers and sycophants as they love to hear “rankadede.” They have no sympathy and respect for their employers, even when they are duty-bound to be accountable to them.

Now is right time for the oppressed people in the North to hold their leaders responsible for any future attack. Meanwhile, the so-called leaders know the people behind the killings and kidnappings in the region. 

Same leaders imported these monsters into the country for their own selfish agendas with the promise of giving them anything they require as a reward for their evil deeds.

Why are Northerners afraid of protests? 

Why are they happy about Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho persecution?

Presently the whole region has turned to a den of kidnappers, yet Northerners see all legitimate protests as a war against  them. 

They criminalised #EndSARS protests, laughably claimed it was an agenda against the North and a ploy to overthrow dictator Buhari’s regime.

 But didn’t dictator Buhari himself claim that #EndSARS protesters “wanted to march here and remove me”?

Meanwhile, the young people who trooped out in their numbers to protest were victims of police brutality. They had experienced humiliation and harassment from Nigerian police with no form of justice.

We are in a country where innocent people reap what the demons in human forms have sown in the name of religion and politics.

Northerner’s are busy celebrating failures as achievement, applauding politicians because of a little drop of honey. Yet they are unconcerned about the killings and kidnappings in the North by their kinsmen: “Fulani Herdsman”.

The openly display bias by the Nigerian Government won’t solve our problems. If the same energies our security agencies put to unleash attacks on protesters were channelled towards fighting Fulani herdsmen, terrorists and bandits, we certainly wouldn’t have been where we are today.

Compensating terrorists in the  North because they are from one big family “Namu Namu” will definitely desolate the whole region. It is time for the oppressed to wake up from their slumbering and mobilise themselves in thousands, and expose the people behind the killings and kidnappings. 

No compensation should be allowed forthwith. They should desist from further rehabilitating and reintegrating terrorists back to the society.

Terrorists should not be given a soft landing, government should eliminate them all in line with their oat of office.

 But will this ever happen under a Buhari regime? Does he have respect for the oath he took before he was sworn in? Evidence say NO!