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Buhari’s Invitation To Anarchy And War, By Bayo Oluwasanmi

July 21, 2021

No member of any of the various northern/Fulani terrorists have been arrested, detained, or prosecuted.

Since dictator General Muhammadu Buhari aka The Aso Rock Butcher took over in 2015, the warning lights have been flashing red. In what seems like an open invitation to anarchy and war, he embarked on systemic and systematic nepotism, exclusion, and repression of non-Fulani ethnic groups. 


He got rid of “federal character” in all federal appointments, institutions, ministries, corporations. He denied citizens room for political space. He resorted to severe repression of protests and rallies. He clamped down on civil liberties. He became a full fledged dictator.


By his despotic rule, he initiated repeated cycle of violence. With unexplainable sadism, Buhari armed the Fulani herdsmen terrorists with the full federal might to carry out ethnic cleansing in Yoruba and non-Fulani states. In spite of all the killings done by his Fulani kinsmen terrorists, he never for once addressed the nation to empathize and sympathize with victims. He operates two sets of laws: one for the Fulanis and one for the southerners. He released 1,000 Boko Haram terrorists while he hunts down Sowore, Igboho, Kanu for fighting for a better Nigeria. 


A cold hearted tyrant, he maintained deafening silence. He collapsed civil liberties. He fostered increase in inequalities. He purposely engaged in the destruction of human and physical capital that hinders macroeconomic performance. He plunged the country into anarchy paving way for the imminent and inevitable south/north war. Buhari’s invitation to war is now in full bloom. It’s crystal clear that he’s waging a war of ethnic cleansing. The trio of Sowore, Igboho, and Kanu are from the south. No member of any of the various northern/Fulani terrorists have been arrested, detained, or prosecuted. 


In the face of his war of ethnic cleansing, the nitwit aged despot goes about bragging that the unity of the country is not negotiable. He boasts that despite the anarchy Nigeria remains one. He forgets there’s a calm before the big storm. Lacking the gift of hindsight, he’s too blind to see the trouble ahead. Being in a bubble, he’s foolishly unaware that he sits on a time bomb. 


Yoruba cities, towns, and villages are under siege from Buhari and his terrorists groups. We are under attack. Our safety is not guaranteed. Our future is in jeopardy. We have no inheritance in the slaughtering field called Nigeria. The time is now to defend ourselves by any means necessary. Those Yorubas still supporting Buhari by now must have realized that Buhari represents an evil that must be tamed or taken or else he will exterminate Yoruba race. 


History is repeating itself. Once upon a time, there was another northern tyrant by the name Sanni Abacha. He went the way all dictators went. Buhari will go the same way. He will be history!


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