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How Informant For Bandits Burnt To Death To Escape Justice In Zamfara

The source said, “When they came, they began moving from house to house with the list.

A suspected bandits’ informant identified as Musa Na’umma has set himself ablaze in Zamfara State. 

It was gathered that Na’umma burnt himself while trying to escape detention after he was arrested by soldiers in Dansadau town of Maru Local Government Area of the State.


A source said soldiers onboard about 11 military vehicles stormed the community with a list of about 30 suspected informants, Daily Trust reports.

The source said, “When they came, they began moving from house to house with the list.

“They arrested some suspects, including one woman. One Musa Na’umma was among those arrested.

“When Na’umma was nabbed, he was taken to an army formation in the community and was locked inside a room. However, when a soldier entered the room, the suspect quickly grabbed the soldier’s rifle and struggled with him in an attempt to seize it.

“The suspected informant then fired shot(s) at a jerry can containing petrol and it quickly burst into flames. The soldier then swiftly jumped out of the room leaving the suspect in the raging flames.”

Senator Saidu Dansadau, who represented Zamfara Central between 1999 and 2007, corroborated the information from the source.

Residents also confirmed that there have been suspicion on how some residents have been having deals with bandits through trading.

The suspected informants are being accused of becoming agents for bandits, selling rustled cows, stolen phones and motorbikes for them.

The residents have, in recent times, become more watchful, scrutinising the suspects’ activities.

“During the recent nocturnal raid on the community, the voices of some of the informants were heard and identified, pinpointing residential houses for the selected targets of the assailants.”

“I can tell you that about a dozen of youths mostly native inhabitants of Dansadau have drifted to banditry largely through financial inducements from these criminals. They are there with bandits in various camps inside forest,” he added.

The residents of the community had recently drawn the ire of the armed gang for blocking most of the channels they use to get food, especially bread and soft drinks.

The bandits had stepped up assault on the community in retaliation.