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Nigerian Army Bars Borno Soldiers From Travelling Over Widespread Kidnapping On Damaturu-Maiduguri Road

According to the letter, approval of passes for soldiers would be put on hold till August 21.

The Nigerian Army has barred soldiers from travelling on the Damaturu-Maiduguri Road in Borno State over the continued rise in the abduction of its men in the area.

A source in the army shared a letter containing the directive with SaharaReporters on Tuesday.


According to the letter, approval of passes for soldiers would be put on hold till August 21.

"In view of the series or abduction of military personnel, I am directed to convey the suspension of passes till August 21," the letter read.

"I'm to add that commands should ensure their respective GI cells coordinate the movement of those on pass, either they go through the welfare flight or escorted from to Damaturu. Consequently, I am directed to respectively convey that no officers/soldiers are permitted to use public transport."

Reacting to the directive, the source who is a soldier, said it is unfortunate that he and his colleagues working hard to protect the country are at the mercy of gunmen due to a lack of appropriate measures to ensure their safety.

He wondered why politicians, who he said, have nothing to offer the country, would have private jets and bulletproof cars, while soldiers are exposed to danger.

He also decried the continued neglect of soldiers in the country, adding that the country has nothing good in stock for its citizens.

"There is heavy tension in Maiduguri generally as the military no longer has access to use the road linking Maiduguri to Damaturu. There has been the abduction of soldiers In civil vehicles since the past four days now," he told SaharaReporters.

"Even today, they abducted six people on that road, including two soldiers from 5 brigade, Damasak. That's an issue. The country is going somehow, everybody is annoyed. If the politician that has nothing to offer this country can own a private jet, soldiers that have suffered for many years, are only given the opportunity to go and see their families once a year. 

"In spite of that, when you get to Maiduguri, on your way to your destination, that's where you'll be abducted. The military does not have any good plan for us. 

"Even to provide a plane for us twice in a week to convey soldiers to their various destinations becomes another difficult thing. I don't know, is it wrong for someone to serve his country by being a soldier? So, when you become a soldier, you have rendered yourself to poverty and wretchedness.

"The politician will own private jets, bulletproof cars but those fighting a war to defend the country can't get such. In our camp, we don't even have a bulletproof car. This nation means no good for anybody. We should all know that now."