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Outrage As Cameroon Illegally Arrests United States Leading Software Developer, Rebecca Enochong

Rebecca was being investigated in a family case with his brother.

Rebecca Enochong, a US citizen and a leading software developer and Founder of AppsTech, a global enterprise business software developer, has been arrested in Douala, Cameroon for alleged contempt of court.


Human rights activist and president of Cameroon’s Peoples Party (CPP), Kah Walla said Rebecca’s arrest was carried out without a warrant or summons and without concrete charges.


He said there was only a “plainte verbal du Procureur General” which is essentially a verbal request by the Attorney General.


According to Technext, Rebecca was being investigated in a family case with his brother. When she realised that her investigation was being handled by several investigators, she requested to the General Prosecutor that her case should be investigated by a single inspector.


The Attorney-General reportedly took this as an offence and on Tuesday, August 10, requested her immediate arrest for contempt and to be remanded in custody at the Gendarmerie Legion in Douala. 


The arrested software developer is best known in Africa for being the founder of AppsTech, which operates in the US and Cameroon, and for co-founding the African Business Angels Network, which promotes early-stage investment in startups in the continent. With over two decades as an entrepreneur, she is a highly revered figure on African tech and innovation.


Investors and key figures in Africa’s tech scene are petitioning for her release. 


AfriLabs, the largest network of innovation hubs on the continent where Enonchong is board chair, described her arrest as “a blatant disregard for the rule of law,” especially because there seemed to be no warrant for her arrest.


“We are disappointed with the Cameroonian government on this development and we strongly ask they #FreeRebecca,” AfriLabs said. 


"It’s the birth of another unfortunate hashtag in the central African country that has been the source of many recent concerns for human rights observers.”


Cameroon, just like most African countries, is notorious for detaining those who are critical of the government.