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Open Letter To Mele K Kyari, GMD NNPC, By NNPC Transparency Group

We are surprised that you did not further debase the pass mark of the CBT to 30% this year. How could 50% be performance excellence Mr GMD?

Dear GMD, Sir When you were confirmed as the GMD NNPC just over 2 years ago, we hoped for progress of the corporation, but never did we think you will take us back to rampant corruption, relentless propaganda, deceit and constant LIES.  


You turned the Management promotion exercise (renamed Internal open resource) to a selection process. Top management staff who were supposed to be supervising the CBT were openly aiding and abetting cheating during the exercise. There was no order. It was a disgrace to the esteem of the corporation. Some staff were openly using their phones. You claim to have had full view of the venues, so the cheating, noises and disorder were clearly visible to you but there was no consequence. The worst of that exercise was panel members conniving to promote selected candidates in their respective business/ service units. Your only agenda was to promote your idiotic acolytes to the detriment of a structured system. Your staff openly bragged that you had promised to promote them to managers from SS1. A number of us have been SS1 for more than 7 years. 

We are aware of the instruction given to you GMD by Barkindo to ensure you promote Maryam Uwais to a manager, from SS1. As a result, you scammed us all to believing you were running a fair promotion exercise. Sir, you could have done so without deceiving everybody you were running IOR and then make it a selection process. If that was the people strategy, we are surprised that promotion to Manager from SS1 has been stepped down in the 2021 exercise since most of your acolytes have been promoted.

We are surprised that you did not further debase the pass mark of the CBT to 30% this year. How could 50% be performance excellence Mr GMD? No doubt majority of the people you want to promote this time scored 60% and above. It is only in NNPC that the pass mark for an exam is determined after the exam is written. Transparency, Accountability and Performance Excellence is a scam. And the distribution of scores for CBT, interview and appraisal has not been announced to us.

Before this process commenced, positions were being reserved. Staff have been lobbying and begging for positions with little or no interest in work. The change in dropping panel members and management who cheated shamelessly in last year’s process has gone a long way in bringing credibility to the interview process and giving us all a fair chance.

 Lastly, we plead with you to postpone your planned promotion exercise in September. Two promotion exams in one year will further worsen the financial position of the corporation.