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Commodore Olawunmi, Dare NIA, Don’t Go To Abuja! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

August 29, 2021

His revealing interview removed any iota of doubt that Buhari is the commander of the terrorists and would do anything to islamize Nigeria.

The Butcher of Aso Rock General Muhammadu Buhari sees himself as more than just a brutal tyrant. He considers himself as a deity So, let’s pray to him:

General Buhari thy will be done in Nigeria as it is done in terrorists’ countries. Give us this day Fulani Republic. Forgive not the trespasses of those anti-patriots who daily attack you for trying to islamize Nigeria and make it Fulani country. Let them succumb to temptation, and suffer under the weight of their venom, and deliver them not from evil.


Since former Navy Commodore Kunle Olawunmi spill the beans on Boko Haram sponsors on Channels TV Sunrise Daily breakfast program, Buhari, The Butcher of Aso Rock has gone into boiling rage. He ordered the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to demand for Olawunmi’s head. In strict obedience, the NIA promptly declared Olawunmi wanted, asked him to report Tuesday with his international passport at NIA headquarters in Abuja. 

Nigerians knew all along what the eloquent, articulate, and brilliant Commodore Olawunmi said that Buhari is the commander-in-chief of the terrorists because of his utterances, body language, and his failure to rein in the terrorists. Olawunmi’s statement is profoundly weighty because he is a member of the intelligence community. His revealing interview removed any iota of doubt that Buhari is the commander of the terrorists and would do anything to islamize Nigeria. Buhari has offered protection, welfare packages, and reinforcement for the terrorists. On the other hand, Buhari continues to persecute relentlessly southern victims of Fulani terrorists and southerners who criticize Buhari and condemn the terrorists. He shields the terrorists and gives them free hand to operate without any consequences.

Commodore Olawunmi should dare NIA and refuse to go to Abuja for any interrogation. NIA has no subpoena powers to force him to comply with its invitation. Olawunmi has committed no crime. He’s only exercising his freedom of speech guaranteed by the 1999 Constitution as amended. If the government or NIA, or DSS, or any of the arm of Buhari’s torture secret police was angered by Olawunmi’s revealing interview, they should drag Olawunmi to court. Indeed, it is a rare opportunity for them to come out and set the record straight. By the way, why was he asked to come with his international passport? For what? He’s not a criminal who is trying to flee the country. The real criminals are the terrorists - Buhari, Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists, El-Rufai, Gumi, Miyetti Allah, all the northern governors, northern senators, the Attorney General Malami, Tanko the Chief Justice, Birchi the DSS Director General, Lai Mohammed the information minister, Garba Shehu, Kyari of the HushPuppi loot, directors of all the intelligence agencies, supporters and defenders of Buhari’s ethnic cleansing and islamization agenda.

Olawunmi’s interview should convince all doubting Thomases especially the Yorubas that Nigeria is not one country and can never be one, that there’s justification for separation, that Nigeria cannot be renewed, redeemed, or delivered from Buhari and his band of jihadists who are bent on islamizing Nigeria and turn it to Fulani country. Olawunmi has again made a compelling submission why Nigeria should break up. No further reason or proof is needed for the inevitability of Nigeria’s demise. Nigerians should be grateful to Commodore Olawunmi for his courage, boldness, honesty, and patriotism. Olawunmi, Professor of Global Security Studies at Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Ogun State, is one of the few remaining heroes in a country ruled by terrorists, scalawags, imbeciles, thieves, scammers, and looters. 


Meanwhile, Oduduwa Nation beckons!


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