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Five Things About Military Commander Who Ousted Guinean President, Conde From Power

September 6, 2021

They have ordered the country's cabinet to attend a mandatory meeting on Monday.

A group of soldiers on Sunday ousted Guinea's President Alpha Condé from power and detained him. 

They have ordered the country's cabinet to attend a mandatory meeting on Monday.


Those who refuse to attend the 11:00 GMT meeting will be considered rebels, a statement on state TV said.

President Condé remains in detention, but his fate is unclear.

The UN, African Union, and regional body Ecowas have condemned the coup and called for a return to civilian rule.

Special Forces Group Commander Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya confirmed the takeover of power from President Alpha Conde on Sunday on state TV and pledged to oversee a peaceful transition.

But little is known about Colonel Doumbouya's early life, except that he is a Malinke like President Conde and hails from Guinea's eastern Kankan Region, BBC reports. 

Here Are Five Things To Know About The Commander:

1. He was based in Forecariah, western Guinea, where he served under the bureau of territorial surveillance and the general intelligence services.

2. Col Doumbouya reportedly attended the War College in Paris, France.

3. He has 15 years of military experience that includes operational missions in Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Central African Republic and close protection in Israel, Cyprus, UK and Guinea.

4. The colonel is said to have "brilliantly completed" the operational protection specialist training at the International Security Academy in Israel, the unit commanders' training course at Senegal's Infantry Application School, the staff officer training in Gabon's Staff College of Libreville (EEML) and at the War College in Paris.

5. He served as a legionary in the French army until 2018 when President Conde asked him to return to Guinea to lead the GFS, established that year.