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J’Accuse (I Accuse) Ndi Igbo! By Ndidi Uwechue

September 7, 2021

There are two major Truths that Ndi Igbo are today rejecting and blocking our ears to. These are the two very Truths that we need to PROTECT our Igbo Nation!

Ndi Igbo,

Allow me to say how as a child I was most proud to be born into the Igbo Race. My Dad, late Ambassador Raph Uwechue told us such inspiring stories about the achievements of Ndi Igbo, and I was really impressed by what I learned from him (and my Mother) about our culture. School and the outside world was European, but our home was proudly Igbo. My parents taught their children the Igbo language, and on special occasions such as birthdays and Christian feast days, we wore traditional Igbo attire. Igbo to me was something good. It was something desirable. It was something valuable. It was something that could stand its own against any other respectable culture in the world.

Here we are today, and Ndi Igbo have allowed our sojourn in One-Nigeria to shape us into something weakened – morally. We have suffered in One-Nigeria, but we are not the only ones to have done so. Our brothers in South-South have suffered as much as we have. After the genocidal war against us, through hard work, we were able to regain the wealth stolen from us. But my people, surely life does not consist in the abundance of possessions? There must be a higher purpose to life. Remember that the ancient Hebrews were given their hearts’ desire, but since they did not key into the true purpose of life, it came to them with “leanness of soul”. That means having no desire for Truth, but having an appetite for Lies. 

There are two major Truths that Ndi Igbo are today rejecting and blocking our ears to. These are the two very Truths that we need to PROTECT our Igbo Nation! Truth #1 is that the imposed 1999 Constitution is a known Forgery. It is that document that keeps our land non-developing, plus it seizes our Resources so our young people are roaming the earth like Gypsies, looking for who will give them opportunities and employment. The current political regime has stated that Nigeria’s future economy will now be based on the rich gas reserves of our five Igbo States! That means more poverty for our young people, and it means that more of them will be forced to leave their richly endowed Fatherland. Yet, if we were to simply abolish that illegitimate 1999 Constitution we would retrieve our self-determination to govern our land democratically, to favour us. Truth #2 that we pretend not to know is that the word “Biafra” does not meet the United Nations requirements for those seeking self-determination. Two main reasons are that “Biafra” has no precise and specific map, for it means different areas to different people. Secondly, the word “Biafra” has been rejected by other Ethnic Nations neighbouring us, and so fails the requirement of needing to engage with them, and obtaining their agreement. 


There are several articles from social observers, and Reports from local and foreign NGOs stating that we are facing a new genocide by Fulani militias and Islamist terrorists for land grab. Our farmers and our people in our rural areas are being attacked by AK47-carrying Fulani and their “Bandits”. Several times and over the years it has been revealed to us by the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) that it is the 1999 Constitution that enables the genocide, plus the lack of development in our land. We also know that LNC has been working all these years on our behalf for us to get self-determination. Their work and evidence (corroborated) is there on their websites for us to see – and if we were honest, to acknowledge!

LNC has made presentations over the years about the deceit surrounding the 1999 Constitution to the various Igbo Organisations and Associations, plus our Town Union organisations. My Dad when he was leader of Ohanaeze Ndigbo supported the Secretary-General of LNC, our own son Tony Nnadi, to talk about this 1999 Constitution issue during an Igbo gathering in Florida. Therefore,

I ACCUSE Igbo Organisations, Associations and Town Unions of having such low moral intelligence that instead of siding with the Truth, and promoting the Truth, are more concerned to hide it, and to live in pretence. It seems that seeking political favours under a sham 1999 Constitution, plus importing goods to sell is your aim in life. What wretched leanness of soul!

I ACCUSE the Church and Christian organisations in Igbo land of the shameful sin of hiding the Truth from your congregations. You have been told about the fraud of the 1999 Constitution. You were to be salt and light, but reject that Command. This now awaits you: You are no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. Great great shame on you! What wretched leanness of soul!

I ACCUSE Igbo business leaders and Igbo intelligentsia (professors, lawyers, writers etc). Even with the intelligence and skills you were endowed with, you show such low Morality Quotient that your great money, great works, great achievements – all stink, because by hiding the Truth, you have made yourselves useless to God and man. What wretched leanness of soul!

I ACCUSE Igbo politicians, influencers and media people. You have power over what people think, and thus how they will act. You have been told about the injustice of the 1999 Constitution. Rather than use your position for good: to rally Ndi Igbo to Decommission that Constitution following the UN-backed Strategy that you know LNC has, you stubbornly resist the Truth and promote the path of Lies and Injustice because in your base thinking, self-profit is what life is about. What wretched leanness of soul!

I ACCUSE Igbo Nation of effecting an incredible injustice against ourselves. Our people have died, and keep on dying because of the effects of the contents of that 1999 Constitution, which is not even a “Constitution” but a Lie! The same goes for that word “Biafra” which brings us loss, and is also used to Lie to our people that we can gain freedom of self-determination by it.

Nothing stops Ndi Igbo from reading the 1999 Constitution (its very short Preamble suffices) to check for ourselves that it is a forgery. Also, what prevents us from checking out the criteria needed for self-determination from the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) a 32-page document, free from the Internet to see that using the word “Biafra” is futile? I often ask myself: What exactly is going on with us? It is our children and young people who face the consequences of this love for Lies, so can we not instead act as if we loved our children above all else?

Some of you may be so far gone that no power on earth or in Heaven can touch your soul to leave your love of Lies. It is my hope though, that many of us will be able to see that Igbo Nation needs a dose of “love of the Truth”, and these accusations will jolt you to join those who are presently on the road to Decommission that fraudulent 1999 Constitution. 

My passion is to see our young people lead a normal life, in peace and security, within Igbo land, without having to flee abroad. I want us to bequeath to them a Fatherland where things work for their welfare, and where they can reasonably meet the potentials they have. We cannot afford to ignore such open and verifiable Truths. The fact is that the imposed 1999 Constitution is a forgery that is the #1 enemy of Ndi Igbo, so it must be abolished. Also, “Biafra” was our self-determination vehicle in the past, but today it is a word that stops us from getting our Freedom. It is simply senseless to cling to what does not work! We must therefore replace “Biafra” with the word: “self-determination”. Fortunately for us, LNC’s self-determination Strategy is nearing its final stages. We are at combined Stage 14 and 15 out of 16 Stages. 

[PS: This was written under what I believe is a similar indignation and pain that Émile Zola had in writing his famed “J’Accuse…!”  Link:]

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.