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Family, Friends Lament As Truck Crushes Nigerian University Student To Death In Abia

October 4, 2021

Students of the school have taken to the highway to protest the death of their colleague and also demand the repair of the damaged road.

Chidinma Ogbonna, a 400 level student of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State, was on Sunday crushed to death by a truck.


According to reports, the young lady popularly known as Queen was crushed by a truck on Sunday evening along Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Road. 


Students of the school have taken to the highway to protest the death of their colleague and also demand the repair of the damaged road. 


According to them, Queen is the third student of the school that has been killed by an accident occurring as a result of the bad road. 


Some of the students have taken to social media to mourn the loss of their colleagues. A Facebook user, Jubilant James wrote: “Umuahia - Ikot-Ekpene road is a death trap.


“Is it until many other students lose their lives on this road before the federal or state government will fix it?


“I heard Keke (commercial tricycle) riders came together and contributed money to fix it, at least to a level where they can be managing it, but the government used military to chase them away.


“You cannot fix the road, yet you won't allow the citizens do something at least to ease the suffering they go through on this road.


“What kind of wicked politicians do we have in this country?


“MOUAU has lost about 3 brilliant students just within the space of less than 3 months on this same road. 


"Now just see the lives wasted on this road... the first lady in this video just died last night on this same road.”


Also, Nwogu Chinonso stated: “POLITICIANS kept on killing the students of MOUAU. And we have a governor that doesn't care. That Umudike is a death trap to students of MOUAU.”


Another user, Emmanuel Obo Nwakaji wrote: “The current state of Umudike-Ikot Ekpene road, a death trap


“The current state of the Umudika road is so heartbreaking, the government should step into that road, yes, if not for any other reason but for the lives of students that are the major users of that road.


“That road is a Federal road and I know that the House of Reps member representing that axis can just focus on that and achieve it, even if it becomes his only achievement then it will be fine.


“Just within the space of one month no fewer than 3 persons have lost their lives on the same road, all these 3 are all students, the last time it was a girl that just wrote a degree exam and now another final year student. It's so disheartening that a parent will send their child to school only to be called to come for the corpse all as a result of an accident caused by a bad road.


“I schooled in MOUAU, even though there has never been any time that road was in a very great state but it was a bit manageable and motorable then, I can remember when we took 10-15 minutes to get to Umudike from Isi gate, these days for you to travel through that road, you must have conditioned your mind as one travelling because in one hour you are still on the same road, all thanks to bad road, I equally remember I did ply the same road every weekday through my undergraduate days but just plying that road once in a month scares me because of the worse state of that road. It's clearly a death trap now, from Ahia Eke down to Umudike gate (Gate 6) up to Amaba, there's no good spot.


“Students are dying, who knows who's next, aside from the students, we still have the market women that run the same road almost on a daily basis, what's their fate? Or if it happens we as usual say 'RIP, what a tragedy?' the tragedy is the road.


“I, therefore, call on the Federal government, the House of Reps members, the state government to as a matter of urgency intervene in this bad situation of the road, all the MOUAU students live matters!”