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#EndSARS: Why The Barbarians Want War, By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi

October 13, 2021

It is clear that the Norther rogues are only interested in stealing the North and it's resources dry instead of defeating the quantum of insecurities.

By October 20th, the #LekkiMassacre and such other bloodlettings to halt the greatest Youth movement ever in the history of Nigeria, will be a year old. The same vampires who committed such murderous atrocities never learnt from the Post-#EndSARS violent reactions from the mass of people which torpido the state Armed Forces and their barracks while sending grand shitting assaults into the spines of our thieving crude rulers who have hitterto acted like monsters forcing their crude and destructive anti-people ideas on the people from North to South. 


SARS has been ordered back just last month, while non of the governors nor federal government is ready to implement the drastic reports from the panels of enquiries. This is so that the panels were only meant to douse the tensions in the first place. But the #EndSARS youths never falter as to the 5for5 demands and took the state unawares by storming the different panels all over the states to tell it to the barbarians what it's brutality has actually caused in terms of blood and mud.  

Already, the shocker produced by the so-called "Lazy Youths" by uniting and fighting in millions with strategic and feasible organizing that broke the camels' backs and shook the world to its brims, is yet an awesome momentum which our wicked rulers never imagined in their dreams. President Buhari raised this as much when he opened on June 11, 2021 that the "#EndSARS youths wanted to remove me!" Buhari and his likes of war mongers saw the people's war and were shittingin their horrible pants. In Lagos, the famous fascist Ahmed Bola Tinubu ran off his Bordillon fortress and had to assert even while obviously shaking ghastly that- "I still remain the Asiwaju!" 

Who would wait when the youths and people are united?! 


No one! This is why we are calling on all the youths and working people especially those being daily ravaged by mass violence by Buhari's terrorist allies in Boko Haram and ISWAP in the whole of the North. It is time for all the oppressed to drop whatever is dividing us and unite to finish off our detractors everywhere. It is very clear that neither the Northern oligarchy nor the Southern misrulers stand for the people. It is clear that the Norther rogues are only interested in stealing the North and it's resources dry instead of defeating the quantum of insecurities. For in the insecurities, they find primitive accumulation. This is why Buhari is never interested in prosecuting nor probing the sponsors of Boko Haram and ISWAP even if a quarter of his home state Katsina has been overridden by the terrorists. Same is why Governors Tambuwal and the rest never mind even if Sokoto, Kaduna, Kano and the rest are ceded to bandits. For Ganduje and others, the dollars in millions stuffing their wallets and danshiki is what matters. 

Towards October 20th, youths and working people need to rise to demand Food, Security, and Justice. Nothing is working. But the rulers keep formenting killer policies that would deepen the rots. They keep stealing, destroying and prefer the country to perish. In short, with their experiences of the Boko Haram/ISWAP/Bandits war; our ruining class actually want war. They now understand how to manage a war economy. In the North today, the war affects the people only. Most governors rule from Abuja or diaspora and cash out in billions. This is why they would never do all the things necessary to stop the war. 

In all, the lesson is that there are only two choices before us. From Biafra to the North East, the rulers wants the yam-pepper-scatter-scatter! But we all have to stop this. We have to advance what we did during October last year. This time, youths and workers in the North must join so the war in the North can stop. This is why the protests in Sokoto should move simultaneously around the whole of the North. 

One also have to urge youths and workers in the South to drop all egos and anger and squarely understand the need for the solidarity with the North and vice versa. The time has come for us all to choose between #RevolutionNow and war!