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Buhari Regime Is Friends With Terrorists, He Defended Them Before 2015 Like Sheikh Gumi Now Does—Afenifere

November 12, 2021

But what used to be confined to the northeast, has today become a pan Nigerian problem. The terrorists have crossed into the northwest and as they have ravaged the entire region.

Leader of Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of being a sectarian leader who pampers criminals because of their ethnicity and religion. 


The 93-year-old chieftain stated this at a press conference at the Wheat Baker Hotel in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State on Thursday. 


Adebanjo said, "The entire country is burning. The Northeast was already aflame before the coming of Buhari, its peoples rendered as pawns in the power games of the northern elite, who allowed Boko Haram to fester as the evil powers of the federal government was lost to them, and the insurgents were seen as ethnic champions, indeed, Buhari protested about the onslaught on Boko Haram, and for those who might have paid attention, (Sheikh Ahmad) Gumi’s interventions are merely aping what Buhari used to say, before he gained office in 2015. 


"But what used to be confined to the northeast, has today become a pan Nigerian problem. The terrorists have crossed into the northwest and as they have ravaged the entire region including the president’s home state, kidnapping hundreds of schoolchildren and their teachers, raping and pillaging the land, the Buhari regime has treated them with kids gloves, and have blithely labeled them as bandits, businessmen, vandals, and even recently as Area Boys. 

"Train track bombers, who were clearly intent on the derailment of a passenger train, are labeled as vandals in a clear advertisement of the complicity of the Buhari regime in the terrorist led insurgency, ravaging Nigeria. 

In the Middle Belt, what were once episodic outbursts of Fulani herdsmen and farmers conflicts, a conflict as old as man, has acquired a most evil dimension. 

"The Buhari that stormed the Government House in Ibadan during the administration of the late Alhaji Lam Adesina, is the one established inside Aso Rock, and the extreme nepotism of the man, his unbridled Islamist irredentism, are not only intact, they are unfettered by any pretense at presidential leadership. 'Be your brother’s keepers' was Buhari’s response to the slaughter in the Benue debacle, and 'give up your land in order to live' was the spokesman’s recommendation to the victims. 

"In the southeast, in the lands of the Igbo people, Gen. Buhari has been most indecorous with his words, but his actions are even worse than his words, and he has effectively lost control of the East. The Anambra elections are instructive on several fronts, and I shall return to the subject soon enough, but the facts of the restiveness of the East, is not a fact that might be said to be either in issue, or in dispute, and yes, this is without having factored in the existence of pockets of Fulani terrorists, in parts of Igboland."


He continued, "The southwest, home to the Yoruba people and all men and women of goodwill, whom we have always welcomed, and who have made our lands their homes, have never had it so bad. Our hospitality has been violently abused, our generosity of spirit, taken for granted, and the security of lives and properties wickedly undermined. 


"Bands of Fulani terrorists are in our forests and farms, they rape, rob, kidnap, and TERRORIZE the people. They bear arms brazenly and they act above the law, and when our people respond in self-protection, they are victimized by the Nigerian police and the army, which have acted to establish presidential complicity. 

"I have pondered Chief Awolowo’s words in his 1981 public letter to Alhaji Shagari, and I have found a part to be metaphysically intriguing, even though it has only served to deepen my alarm, such that I believe that I owe it to posterity to place my fears on the record; 'the ship of state is fast approaching a huge rock and, unless you, as the chief helmsman, quickly rise to the occasion and courageously steer the ship away from its present course, it shall hit the rock, and the inescapable consequence will be an unspeakable disaster such as is rare in the annals of man'.

"Buhari was to be that disastrous rock a few months after the warning. The problem with the rock this time, is that the rock is the helmsman of the ship, and he would appear to be DELIBERATELY AND INTENTIONALLY steering the ship to its END. 

"The Nigeria cobbled together by Decree 24, of 1999, yes, you get it. FRAUDULENTLY known as the 1999 Constitution, is built on several lies, and the preservation of these lies, are predicated on several more lies. Buhari is unilaterally imposing another lie, on top of the original lies, and these lies, are what have assured the death of Nigeria. The Fulani Islamist agenda of the Buhari regime has found accommodation for each and every one of the public rebuttals of the lies of Nigeria.


"Confronted with repeated questions about the identity of the sponsors of terrorism, that were discovered by the intelligence services of one of the Gulf Arab countries, and the fact of the convictions of several Nigerian citizens by that country, the Buhari regime, was unequivocal in showing where its preferences and loyalties are; 'Naming and shaming of suspects is not embarked upon as a policy by the Federal Government out of sheer respect for the constitutional rights of Nigerians relating to presumption of innocence”- Abubakar Malami SAN, AGF. 

"But it is curious to note, that the same government, is quick to rush to the media, to declare the identities of those that it has declared to be the sponsors of Sunday Igboho, and Nnamdi Kanu., and the greatest victories of the Buhari regime, in its incestuous relationship with corruption, has been won in the media. The speed with which it labels voices of dissent as terrorists, whilst ignoring and outrightly colluding with self-declared terrorists, renders the Buharist regime a proven accomplice to the terrorist network that is destroying the country."