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#EndSARS Protester, Moyinoluwa Helps Secure Release Of Teenagers Detained For Allegedly Stealing Drugs For Sick Father

November 16, 2021

A young man, Moyinoluwa Olowoyo who was arrested for participating in the #EndSARS protest last year met with the teenagers in prison.

Two teenagers standing in trial for allegedly stealing eye drops for their father who had eye problems have been released on Tuesday. 
A young man, Moyinoluwa Olowoyo who was arrested for participating in the #EndSARS protest last year met with the teenagers in prison. 


He thereafter informed Tope Temokun Chambers, which helped to secure the release of the teenagers after many months. 
According to a statement obtained by SaharaReporters, the two teenagers had been forgotten in prison before the intervention of Tope Temokun Chambers. 
Upon their release, they poured encomiums on the legal practitioners as they united with their sick father. 
It reads, “Today, the two teenagers that were standing trial in Ikole Ekiti, and have been in detention for months were released today from custody.
“I followed the matter since the early hours of today, till the orders were signed by the magistrate, and the police went to produce them from the prison.
"By the help of Tope Temokun chambers, the young teenagers were also mobilised back to their hometown at Ikole to be united with their father who is sick and blind.
“The duo were super excited and due to profuse joy, pour encomiums on Tope Temokun Chambers for securing their release. 
“Once again, long live Tope Temokun Chambers as we continue to serve God and the people by fighting for Justice...
“Comrade Moyinoluwa in Ekiti was arrested and detained for his participation in EndSARS protest in Ekiti. While in custody he encountered these two teenagers who had been remanded in prison and forgotten for stealing eye drops to give to their father who is having eye problem. 
“Comrade Moyinoluwa informed us on this. And we moved in. They have no one to stand as their only person, their father is practically blind. We secured their freedom today.”
Last year, Moyinoluwa was arrested by the police and secretly moved to the police headquarters, Abuja, where he was detained for 30 days without trial.
However, after pressure from Nigerians, the police moved him back to Ekiti, where he was detained before his arraignment in November 2020.
He was arraigned at a magistrate court and charged with arson.
At his arraignment, the magistrate, Abdul Lawal, granted Moyinoluwa bail in liberal terms.
He was able to perfect his bail condition and was set free by the police. 
On October 13, 2021, the Ekiti State High Court ordered that the student activist, Moyinoluwa should be remanded at the police headquarters over his participation in #EndSARS protest last year.

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