Security operatives have arrested an activist, Musa Ubaliyo in Nguru town, Yobe State, for asking people to protest against the frequent attacks by herders on farmers and communities. 
A source in Nguru told SaharaReporters that Ubaliyo was whisked away from Nguru to Damaturu, the state capital, where he is believed to be in the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS). 

SaharaReporters learnt that the activist was arrested and detained following his post on Facebook in which he called on the people of Nguru town to come out in their numbers and protest against incessant attacks by herdsmen in the area. 
It was learnt that the menace of attacks by herdsmen on farmers and communities had been a source of worry for the people, prompting the call made by Ubaliyo. 
"Security personnel in Nguru town of Yobe state have arrested an activist, Musa Ubaliyo for asking people to come out and stage a protest against frequent herders attacks on farms and communities.
"Farmers in Nguru have been lamenting increasing attacks by herders," a source in the community told SaharaReporters. 
“He posted on Facebook a call for people of Nguru to protest daily attacks by Fulani herders that have been devastating communities and ruining the lives of farmers. But on orders from above, he was arrested. He is still in detention," the source added. 
Meanwhile, in a Facebook post on November 18, 2021, Ubaliyo had announced the postponement of the planned protest, saying the police had not been informed. 
According to him, the police need to be informed for them to provide security for them during the protest. 
In the meantime, youths across Yobe state have been making use of social media to call for the immediate release of the activist, using the hashtag #FreeMusaUbaliyo, which has been trending on Facebook.
But this is not the first time Ubaliyo would be illegally arrested and detained by security operatives. 
He had a similar experience in 2016 when he was also arrested and detained over an alleged Facebook post about Senator Ahmad Lawan, who is now the Senate President after being elected by the 9th Assembly in 2019.
#FreeMusaUbaliyo campaign which also trended at the time, called for his immediate release. 
After his arrest and detention in 2016, Abdallah Harouna in a Facebook post on July 3, 2016, said, "Our leaders have gone astray and they have thrown caution to the wind. They have sent security operatives to arrest Musa Ubaliyo as a result of a comment he posted on his wall. Take note Pen is mightier than the sword. You will neither intimidate nor silence us. Be it Senator Ahmed Lawan. His boys or whoever is behind this atrocity. We don't care about from which zone Ubaliyo is, all we care for is justice. ZONE A. B AND C WE ARE ALL IN THIS. iF WE KEEP SILENCE TODAY IS MUSA UBALIYO AND TOMORROW WILL BE YOU OR ME. #FREEMUSAUBALIO FREE HIM NOW."
Musa Abbas Musa on the same day posted on Facebook, "His name is Musa Ubaliyo. He is an indigene of Yobe state who loves his state. He is from Yobe North Zone C, he has been very well written (sic) on issues related to his region. Suddenly because of political reasons and differences of opinions then recently a white supremacist went and arrested him because of a post he posted on his Facebook page on a statement by his senator so we the youths of Yobe state are condemning this incident and we call on this senator to seek forgiveness from this youth. 
However, he was later released, only for him to be arrested again in November 2021 over another Facebook post. 

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