In a true democracy, the criminal justice system is designed to enforce laws, ensure public safety, and deliver justice to those who have committed crimes. There are three major components of the criminal justice system. These all play an important role in keeping the public safe: Law enforcement, courts, and corrections.

Given the chaos, lawlessness, wanton killings, kidnapping, abduction on daily basis, fear, insecurity, riots, lack of direction, and lack of peace, Nigeria, like a class without a teacher, is a country without laws. Our criminal justice is nothing but criminal injustice. Cases take forever to be disposed. Illegal means are employed to delay and deny justice. The wheels of justice is not only slow in Nigeria, it is stalled! Justice for the poor in Nigeria is not accessible, not affordable, and impossible.
Rahman Adedoyin
In Nigeria, the three pillars of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections are corrupted and compromised. The system is designed to punish victims and reward criminals. The gruesome murder of Timothy Adeleke at the Hilton Hotel and Resort Ile-Ife once more shifts our focus to the killing spree that has lately been ingrained into our moral and value system as a country. Reports say Rahman Adedoyin, owner of Hilton Hotel and Resorts, and proprietor of Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu is a suspect in the killing.

Reports further say Adedoyin has been pressing every available buttons of Nigerian ruling elites in high places of wickedness to save him from facing the music. Anything is possible in Nigeria. Adedoyin’s case will serve as a litmus test of our criminal justice system. It will serve as a challenge that will decisively reveal where our criminal justice stands. In these uncertain times in Nigeria, Nigeria has proven to be a country of injustice. Will justice be served for the family of Timothy Adegoke? Nigerians are watching. The whole world is watching.

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