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It’s Baffling Police Haven't Declared Prime Suspect, Raheem Adedoyin Wanted For Dumping OAU Student's Corpse In Bush—Family

November 25, 2021

Raheem is the son of the owner of the hotel, Dr Rahman Adedoyin, who is also a suspect in the matter and is currently in police detention.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) student of Obafemi Awolowo University, who died mysteriously after lodging at Hilton Hotels and Resorts in Ile-Ife, Timothy Adegoke Oludare’s family has rebuked the Osun State Police Command for failing to arrest Raheem Adedoyin, who was recently said to have dumped Timothy's corpse in the bush.

Raheem is the son of the owner of the hotel, Dr Rahman Adedoyin, who is also a suspect in the matter and is currently in police detention.


The family of the deceased expressed their disappointment at how the Police can swiftly apprehend secessionists in the country but are inept in handling murder cases. 

In a statement by the family’s lawyer, Kayode Ajulo which was obtained by SaharaReporters on Thursday, Timothy’s family reiterated that all those scheming to distort justice for the dead will not be spared to face the wrath of the law.

The Osun State Commissioner of Police, Wale Olokode had said on a Rave FM programme, Frank Talk, a few days ago that Raheem, said to be on the run, had dumped Timothy’s lifeless body in the bush.


“One of the suspects confessed that the MD is the son of Dr Rahman Adedoyin. His name is Raheem Adedoyin who is now at large. He also confessed that he organised the corpse to be thrown into a bush,” Olokode had disclosed.

Reacting, Ajulo said, “The Obafemi Awolowo University student of Master in Business Administration that was found dead in Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Ile-Ife, Timothy Oludare’s family has rebuked the Osun State Police Command for its failure to have arrested Raheem Adedoyin, who was recently indicted in the case for dumping victim’s corpse in the bush. 


“The past few days have been trailed with a series of episodes and reports with respect to the strange death of our Client’s son; Mr. Timothy Adegoke Oludare from different quarters and not unusually, among rumour peddlers.


“Of more interest is the intriguing statement made by the Osun State Commissioner of Police, wherein Dr. Rahman Adedoyin’s son, Raheem Adedoyin was identified as the one who dumped the corpse of the Late Timothy Adegoke in the bush.


“While we welcome this development with keen interest, one would readily expect the Nigerian Police to immediately declare the said Raheem Adedoyin wanted for this ignominious, monstrous and gruesome acts, but what still befuddles the minds of those who care to know is that up till the time of this piece, the Nigerian Police, particularly the Osun State Police Command has failed to do so; for reasons best known to them.


“Considering the circumstances of the disingenuously orchestrated murder of Mr. Timothy Adegoke Oludare, the Law Enforcement Agency whose primary duty is to protect lives of citizens ought to exert the same energy invested in trailing and arresting suspected secessionists in arresting Mr. Raheem Adedoyin, who is allegedly at large!

“While one wonders whether the labelling of Raheem Adedoyin as a prime suspect is a game plan to unclamp Dr. Rahman Adedoyin, a panoptic appraisal of the whole saga will reveal nothing more than an attempt by some dark sections to allow glittering externalities to subvert the core of genuine probing and discreet investigations in the guise to pervert the cause of justice which we shall definitely refute.


“Now that the Police know so much, it is time to start asking more questions: Why has Raheem Adedoyin not been declared wanted and an intelligence team churned out to arrest him? 

“Why would the hoteliers break into the late Timothy Adegoke’s room on the first night when he actually paid for two nights at the hotel? 


“Why have the suspects not been charged before a Court of Competent record as prescribed by the Constitution?


“Without doubt, it must be clear to those who still have eyes to see and a conscience which is alive, that the credibility of the Nigerian Police Force at such a crucial time like this depends in large measure on their handling of this present case where some persons have declared themselves as the untouchables!


“For the enlightenment of those who either forget to remember or remember to forget, it must be noted that anyone, including legal representatives who attempt to hastily justify the cause of death of late Timothy Adegoke Oludare and exculpate the suspects are liable to be prosecuted as accessories after the facts.


“While we seek justice for the dead and respite for the deceased’s family, we take the liberty to maintain that Osun State Government owes our client and his people some explanations, as we also ask the Osun State Government: what are the requisites of issuance of hospitality license to some business concerns in the first place; perhaps several mishaps and misfortunes would have been aborted!


“As the event unfolds, we are resolute on ensuring that justice is done and anyone found wanting will face the wrath of the law within the limits permissible by the law! #JusticeForTimothy.”

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