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Amnesty International Condemns Attacks, Death Threats Against #EndSARS Activists, Demands Government Probe Of Cases

November 30, 2021

The organisation on Tuesday said it had received reports of attacks and threats of attack on members of the panel as well as witnesses who testified at the panel.

The global human rights advocacy group, Amnesty International, has called on Nigerian authorities to investigate attacks on human rights defenders who participated in the Lagos State panel that probed the killing of #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate in October 2020.

The organisation on Tuesday said it had received reports of attacks and threats of attack on members of the panel as well as witnesses who testified at the panel. 


A statement by the group said, "We are concerned for the safety and liberty of Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, Lawyer and activist, Adeyinka Honey Ayuku, Kamsichukwu Ibe, Nonsochukwu Nkwa and other activists who are currently in hiding following the escalation of threats and violence against activists involved in the inquiry on the October 2020 massacre of peaceful protesters at Lekki Lagos. 

"On 21 November 2021, at about 9:00 pm Kamsichukwu Ibe, a female activist and prominent member of the #EndSARS movement was brutally attacked with machete and inflicted with multiple life-threatening wounds in Lagos.

"The men who attacked her also abused her for testifying before the #EndSARS judicial panel. She has been subjected to death threats made by unknown men through phone calls and messages following her testimony at the judicial panel. 

"A day after the attack on Kamsichukwu, Adeyinka Honey Ayuku and two other female activists went to visit her at a private hospital, only to come out and find an envelope in front of their car. Inside the envelope was her printed picture with two other activists crossed in red lines with the chilling message 'You Are next.' She has since gone into hiding, fearing for her life."

Amnesty International also noted that Adegboruwa, a prominent lawyer and member of the Lagos judicial panel" "reportedly received both verbal and online threats shortly after the report of the panel was leaked to the media".  

"Theodore Chinonso Nkwa, an Imo state-based broadcaster and activist has been receiving death threats following his persistent criticism of alleged unlawful killings by security forces in Imo state. 

None of these incidents has been investigated by the authorities. Amnesty International is worried that the Nigerian government in the past failed to investigate attacks on human rights activists and sometimes accused them of ‘fabricating’ their claims. The Nigerian authorities must immediately bring to justice those who have threatened and attacked human rights defenders and protect them from any further attacks.

"Nigerian human rights defenders and activists have shown great courage. Faced with grave threats to their lives and well-being following the #EndSARS protest, they continue to speak up against injustice and stand up for the rights of others. It is about time that the Nigerian authorities protect them from further attacks and intimidation," the statement added.