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Dowen College: My Son, Sylvester Cried 'I Don't Want To Die,' Still Shed Tears After He Died— Father

December 5, 2021

The grieving dad stated this during an interview with Arise TV on Sunday.

Sylvester Oromoni, father of the late 12-year-old pupil of Dowen College, Lagos says his son desperately wanted to live as he was on his death bed.

The grieving dad stated this during an interview with Arise TV on Sunday. 


He said his son had screamed, "I don't want to die," before giving up the ghost. 

He said even after death, his son was still shedding tears. 

Oromoni said the only time the Principal of the school called the family, while the boy was dying and even after his death, it was to ask them why they posted a video of a dying Sylvester online. 

"I told the woman, I read your statement that my boy died as a result of a football injury, if football can injure someone's mouth, and make one to be in so much pain, I think the government should look at the situation the boy passed through. When he was about to give up, he cried and said, ‘I don't want to die!' Even after he died and cotton wool was already in his nose, tears were still coming out of his eyes,” the grieving father said. 

The death of the 12-year-old has generated public outcry, with many Nigerians demanding justice for the young boy.

Others called on parents to withdraw their children from the school following the incident.

The school in its reaction to the incident claimed that the deceased sustained injuries while playing football and was given immediate medical attention by its resident nurse.

Subsequently, the student complained of having pains in his hip and was attended to again by a doctor and nurse and thereafter taken to his house, the school said.

The victim’s cousin released photos and video evidence, showing Sylvester was beaten, leading to his death.

A video shared by the family of the boy before his death showed him in pain.

The deceased was also said to have been forced to drink an unknown substance by the bullies.

The father of the late pupil had alleged that the parents of pupils responsible for torturing his son had made arrangements for them to fly out of the country.

On Saturday, despite the boy's death, his parents and other family members marked his birthday.

According to them, it was the best way to honour him and keep his memory alive. 

The move by the family caught the attention of Nigerians, who have continued to offer words of support to the victim's parents over his demise.