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Dowen College: Family Kicks Against Reports Linking Son, Edward To Sylvester Oromoni's Death

December 7, 2021

Oromoni died a few days ago after he was allegedly bullied and attacked by “some senior colleagues” for refusing to join a cult group.

The family of Edward Brown, a student of Dowen College, has dismissed claims that their son was involved in the controversial death of 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni Jnr.
Oromoni died a few days ago after he was allegedly bullied and attacked by “some senior colleagues” for refusing to join a cult group.


His death has also continued to provoke outrage on social media platforms.
In a statement issued by Oluchi Sunday, Brown's family blasted those attempting to drag their son into the matter.
The family said Brown was a day student of the school and as such was not in school when the said incident happened.
It also called on platforms circulating claims linking Brown to the issue to retract their posts and tender an apology.
The statement read, "It has come to my attention that some individuals caused rumours to be peddled on social media platforms suggesting that my son Edward Brown is one of the students allegedly involved in the beating of the late Sylvester Oromoni Jr at a Dowen College hostel, which resulted in his untimely death.
"To set the record straight, I wish to bring the following facts to the public notice, which demonstrate that such rumours are false, malicious and lack any basis whatsoever:
"My son is a day student and has never been a boarder. Because my son is a day student, he was not on the school premises at the time when the unfortunate incident occurred, precisely in the night of 21 November, 2021, during a weekend and so, could not have been in the hostel as alleged.
"In a social media post made on 1" November 2021, on the deceased's elder brother's Instagram page, "greatoromonii", five names, including Dowen College were mentioned before the conclusion: "…just know he called your names before he died".
"My son's name was not among those names. As a result of these false and malicious rumours, my son and I have been under constant attack via social media, with insults and threats being hurled at us daily.
"This has caused us much emotional distress and mental trauma. Therefore, on behalf of myself and my son, Edward Brown, I hereby demand that managers of social media and other platforms where the false and libellous rumours are circulating, immediately retract the offending posts and tender a public apology to us. In this regard, Gistlovers247blog,
Nkechicatherine9, celebs_critique Nkanu Tv, tamara_momotimi, etc, take notice.
"We commiserate with the Oromoni family for the tragic loss of Sylvester Oromoni jr and pray for the repose of his soul."