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Lagos Restaurant Admits Only Customers With Expensive Cars, Forbids Taking Of ‘Too Many' Photographs Within Facility

December 8, 2021

Located on Admiralty Way in Lekki, the restaurant known as Circa NonPareil, also forbids customers from taking 'too many' photographs within the facility.

A restaurant that admits only customers that come with expensive cars and costly attire has been discovered in Lagos.

Located on Admiralty Way in Lekki, the restaurant known as Circa NonPareil, also forbids customers from taking 'too many' photographs within the facility.



Occupying two floors and overlooking the Lagos Lagoon, the facility welcomes visitors from far and near all week long.

However, this posh Lagos restaurant has carved a reputation for itself over time as a result of some of its discriminatory practices and customer profiling.

During a visit to the facility recently, our correspondent observed how security guards and other officials of the restaurant deny customers, who come with certain cars entry into the place for not meeting up to standard.

For example, customers who arrive in certain saloon cars like Toyota Camry (models locally known as Big Daddy, Muscle) and Honda Accord (Evil Spirit), are not allowed in, as according to the restaurant's policy, such persons don’t qualify to park such vehicles on its premises.

Officials of the restaurant only allow customers with expensive automobiles like Range Rover, Mercedes and other luxury cars to enter its premises.

This discriminatory practice has forced many intending customers to go to other places to dine and wine after being rejected entry by staff members of this Lagos restaurant.

An intending customer of Circa known as I’yoba Iyomahan, who shared her frustration recently, said, "They refused me and my Toyota in but allowed my friend with Range Rover in."

Another customer known as Mike Adeosun told SaharaReporters on Wednesday that he was denied entry into the place for coming in a Toyota saloon car.

He said, "They don’t allow Toyota and Honda cars park inside. Only luxury cars are allowed in.

"I was there to meet with a client but I left the place in anger after being treated like garbage."

Another aggrieved customer, Bibian Chinenye Pius-Urum, also expressed displeasure at the profiling of customers at the Lagos restaurant.

She said, "It'd appear that even if you have a reservation, you are not exactly welcome if you are not driving a big car or looking in a certain way. The profiling would have been funny if it wasn't sad.

"Also, you are not allowed to take a lot of pictures in the courtyard. One of the staff (members) had to warn us to avoid embarrassment from the security."

Ikhide Ireola, another customer, said she was denied entry after arriving at the restaurant for a date in a taxi.

She said, "Went on a date there last year and had to make reservations ahead. As Bolt drop me and my date, bouncer ask us where we dey waka go.”


An employee of the hotel, who answered the official telephone line of the restaurant, hung up the call when our correspondent reached out to ask why customers with cars not considered luxurious and expensive were denied entry into the place.

Subsequent calls to the line were not answered by officials of Circa.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a restaurant with discriminatory policies against customers has been discovered in Nigeria.

In 2019, a Chinese restaurant in Lagos named Shi Shi came under fire for not offering their services to Nigerians.

Nigerians and other blacks visiting the place are only allowed entry if accompanied by a Chinese.

Following public outrage, the Nigerian Government later sealed the restaurant.