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OAU Student's Death: Put A Bounty On Your Runaway Son's Head—Activist Tells Hilton Hotel Owner, Adedoyin

December 13, 2021

Soetan said it is the duty of Adedoyin to declare his son missing, if the police have failed to declared him wanted for suspected murder.

The Executive Director of Grassroots Watch In Yoruba lland, Adeola Soetan has reacted to the recent statement by the family of the Chairman of Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Dr Rahman Adedoyin following the death of a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Timothy Adegoke, who was missing and later found dead after lodging in the hotel. 

Adedoyin's family, through their lawyer, Abiodun Williams had issued a statement at the weekend, saying the owner of the hotel is not a ritualist. 


It, however, failed to comment on the part played by Adedoyin's son, Raheem, who was accused of dumping Timothy Adegoke's body in a nearby bush. 

Williams, on behalf of the Adedoyin family had said, "And for the avoidance of any doubt, Chief Adedoyin is not only an educationist and hotelier but also an established businessman with investments in different other sectors of the economy.

“So, he does not involve in the day-to-day running of the hotel and indeed his other business establishments as such roles are left in the hands of hundreds of his employees.[story_link align="left"]101636[/story_link]

“We, therefore, wish to say, once again, that Chief Adedoyin and members of his family are not ritualists and will never condescend to such devilish act.

“So, we call on the media, especially the bloggers, to verify information before going to press and also allow the police to conduct proper investigations on the death of the young man and bring anyone culpable to justice."

Reacting to the statement, Soetan described it as "meaningless, distracting and self-serving."

This was contained in a statement titled, "Adedoyin: Declare Your Son Wanted or Missing," which was made available to SaharaReporters on Sunday. [story_link align="left"]102040[/story_link]

Soetan said it is the duty of Adedoyin to declare his son missing, if the police have failed to declared him wanted for suspected murder. 

The statement by Soetan said, "When a child is accused of evil and he escapes from investigation and justice, and from home, the first thing a good family does is to locate and present the accused child to hear his /her side of the story.

"I ask, what type of a family will have its son on the run on a murder case that took place on its property, and his father, benefactor and family head is in police detention because of the crime claiming innocence, and such a son won't come out of his hiding to clear his father and himself of any knowledge or guilt of the crime? 

"The crime which he, as the son, has been alleged by his staff to be the lead resident undertaker of Timothy's corpse. 

"I ask again, what kind of a son would just disappear from justice, damn the consequences to his own father who has been languishing in cell, to his family name, his own name and the bereaved family of Timothy?

"Such a son must be a very hardened heart, uncultured, a criminal or a potential one who doesn't care to bring his family name into disrepute, if indeed, his father knew nothing about the crime.[story_link align="left"]102245[/story_link]

"To the Adedoyins, your runaway, untrained hardened son has brought unmitigated shame and ridicule unto you. By his ESCAPE from murder crime investigation and Justice, he has declared himself WANTED, even if the police, for whatever reason, find it difficult to declare him wanted. It's incumbent on you, particularly, the father, to publicly declare your son wanted and place a price on him. 

"No one has indicted Chief Adedoyin, a prominent son of Ife and rich businessman, more than his fleecing son, who's the MD of his father's Hilton hotel, turned crime scene of the murder or peaceful death of Timothy.

"Why did your son run away from justice and why have you not declared your son missing or wanted? The more your son remains on the run, the more he puts his father and the entire family's name to shame.

"Justice for Timothy Now and Justice for All."