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Nigerian Minister, Lai Mohammed Reacts To Obasanjo’s Claim That Buhari Has Nothing More To Offer

December 15, 2021

Mohammed said the remark was fallacious and untrue.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, on Wednesday, reacted to a remark by former President Olusegun Obasanjo that President Muhammadu Buhari has nothing more to offer in tackling banditry, kidnapping, and general insecurity in the country.
Mohammed said the remark was fallacious and untrue.


He stated this during a press conference in Abuja, stressing that Buhari was doing a lot to keep Nigerians safe.
“Gentlemen, President Buhari has done so much, under very difficult economic and social conditions, to tackle insecurity in our country. Not only has he done so much. President Buhari continues to do much more to keep Nigerians safe. To say he has nothing more to offer is untrue, fallacious and smacks of dirty politicking.
“By boosting the number and capacity of our fighting forces, Mr President is putting them in good stead to tackle insecurity not just during the life of his Administration but long after he would have left office. President Buhari is leaving a legacy of security, infrastructural development, economic prosperity and social cohesion for Nigeria,” the minister said.
SaharaReporters on Tuesday reported that Obasanjo while speaking in Abuja at a retreat on inclusive security organised by the Global Peace Foundation and Vision Africa, said expecting Buhari to do more was like whipping a dead horse.
He had said, “The truth is this: President Buhari has done his best. That is what he can do. If we are expecting anything more than what he has done or what he is doing, that means we’re whipping a dead horse and there is no need.
“Then, where do we go from here? We cannot fold our hands. I believe that is part of what we’re doing here and what we continue to be doing. How do we prepare for post-Buhari? Buhari has done his best. My prayer is that God will spare his life to see his term through.
“But what should we do to make post-Buhari better than what we have now? That is our responsibility now, because it concerns all of us.”
Obasanjo also said that military action alone would not effectively end the insurgency in the country.