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Activist, Sowore’s Petition Seeking Release Of Female Soldier, Sofiat Detained For Accepting Marriage Proposal Gets Over 3, 000 Signatories

December 22, 2021

The petition was aimed at getting President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian Army to free the female soldier.

An online petition to get justice for a female soldier, Hannah Sofiat Akinlabi, detained for accepting a marriage proposal from a male member of the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp in Yikpata, Kwara State has garnered over 3, 389 signatories.

The petition #FreeSofiyat was started by human rights’ activist, Omoyele Sowore, seeking freedom for the young lady stressing that no hurt must come to her and her lover.


Initially, the goal was to have 100 signatories but it surpassed that in less than an hour after its initiation. Now, the petition aims to gather 5,000 signatories so as to elicit a response from the decision makers. [story_link align="left"]102572[/story_link]

The petition was aimed at getting President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian Army to free the female soldier.

The military had detained Sofiat since the video of her accepting the marriage proposal went viral last week.

SaharaReporters had reported that Sofiat was ordered to be detained by Captain M.M. Abdulahi, Kwara State NYSC Camp Commandant at a military detention facility in Ilorin pending further investigations.

Meanwhile, the army has charged Sofiat with seven counts of misconduct.[story_link align="left"]102569[/story_link]

A military source said she was detained for not “due for marriage, romancing on uniform publicly, absent on parade, indiscriminate behaviour, doing other things aside from her purpose in NYSC camp, disobedience to the standing order of social media rule and disobedience to ethics and tradition of the Nigerian Army.”

Meanwhile, Sowore instituted an online petition to free Sofiat, on Monday. And at the time of filing this report, 3, 389 people had signed the petition.

He wrote, “Nigeria’s male-dominated misogynistic ‘Armed Forces’ has detained a female soldier, Pte. Sofiyat Akinlabi for accepting a marriage proposal on the sidelines of a Youth Service Corps scheme passing out parade for fresh graduates.

“They claimed she had no right to accept the proposal in army uniform and that she’s not entitled to get married for three years after being enlisted in the Nigerian Army,

“However, photos and videos of male soldiers proposing marriage all over Nigeria have surfaced since this controversy broke; ironically, they were never reprimanded or punished for it[story_link align="left"]102571[/story_link]

“We are asking the Nigerian Army to release a 24-year-old female soldier, Private Sofiyat Akinlabi, who has been detained by the military after she accepted this innocuous marriage proposal from her fiancée and youth corps member at the orientation camp in Kwara state.

“The Headquarters of the Nigerian Army authorities have denied Sofiat’s family members access to her and refused to provide her with food, sanitary materials, and medical care at the military cantonment in Sobi Barracks, where she is being held, according to her family.

“The young female soldier is being detained under unhealthy conditions in a ‘guardroom’ reportedly meant for male soldiers, according to her family.

“She has been penalised and facing seven counts of misconduct, according to family members, who fear for her safety.

“The Nigeria military spokesman Col. Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu also said Sofiat will be penalised, according to media reports. Sofiat is being stigmatised and detained for saying YES to love and her family fear for her safety. She knew the corp member before they met in the camp and the couple decided to strengthen their relationship.

“It is Christmas time and Sofiat should be with her family and loved ones during the holidays and not held up in a DUNGEON.

“Her commanding officer, Brigadier General AE Abubakar is threatening to send her to an underground cell at the Headquarters of the Nigerian Army dungeon at the Army headquarters in Abuja, according to her family.

“Pte Sofiyat Akinlabi must be released immediately. We are calling on the Brig. Gen AE Abubakar to ensure that she’s not hurt or further maltreated in custody.

“We are asking the Nigeria Chief of Army Staff, Major-General Farouk Yahaya to RESPECT her constitutional rights and ensure that she’s not stigmatized or dismissed from the military. We further call on the Nigerian military and security forces to review and remove all discriminatory rules against servicewomen in its books with immediate effect!

“We’re calling on the Kwara State Coordinator, National Youth Service Corp, Francisca Olaleye to ensure no harm or hurt happens to the couple.”

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