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Dementia-ravaged Buhari Couldn’t Remember Names Of Governors Who Visited Him On Farmers-herders’ Clashes

Buhari was asked whether he would support state police and regional efforts such as Amotekun and Ebubeagu to stem the tide of clashes and insecurity in the country.

President Muhammadu Buhari again fumbled for words as his dementia seemed to be worsening when he wanted to recall the names of two governors, who visited him at Aso Rock Villa in Abuja over the farmers-herders’ clashes in their states.

In an interview on Channels Television on Wednesday monitored by SaharaReporters, Buhari was asked whether he would support state police and regional efforts such as Amotekun and Ebubeagu to stem the tide of clashes and insecurity in the country.


He said, “Well, I told you what we have done. We met at least four times with the service chiefs and other law enforcement agencies – each meeting taking at least four hours. We have discussed thoroughly what to do with the situation.

“So, we discussed on what we understand and we try to secure for the leadership at community levels the best intelligence; because you get this from the local leadership. You have to talk to them…the role of the traditional rulers must not be undermined because in their areas, as I said, they know who is who.

“Their families; not to talk of individuals; so we have to revert to that system for us to have an effective security in the localities; for example, there were two governors that came to see me, about the problem. The governors of ha…ha…ha…ha…Oyo State and the governor of ha…ha… this other state…in Ondo…not Ondo…one other state. I said because the herders were in the forest…let them go and talk to the local leadership why there is break in communication. The routes they follow; the forests they confine themselves in.” 

SaharaReporters had in recent past reported how Buhari’s dementia affects his performance in government and slows down the decision making process.

SaharaReporters in May 2021 reported that Buhari’s worsening dementia and other undisclosed health challenges were taking a heavy toll on his ability to effectively coordinate meetings. 

The President had faltered during a meeting with security chiefs during that week.

Top sources in the Presidency had told SaharaReporters that Buhari was not only incoherent but spoke for only a short time. 

It was learnt that he spoke in the same manner when he had a meeting with the Head of European Union delegation to Nigeria and to the Economic Community of West African States, Mr Ketil Karlsen, along with his team.

“The President’s health condition is worsening by the day and affecting his handling of national matters, especially on insecurity. At the EU delegation virtual meeting, he was responding off-key.

“At the meeting with the security chiefs, he was also off-key and spoke little. He was supposed to be at the graduation ceremony at the Nigeria Police College in Kano but the event had to be postponed because the President was not ready,” the source had revealed.

SaharaReporters in December 2020 had reported how the inability of President Buhari to make critical decisions on insecurity and the depressed economy had become worrisome to many Nigerians – a situation which his dementia and other undisclosed illnesses he was treating could have contributed to.

It had been reported that his medical conditions had forced him to jet out of the country at least six times for treatment, spending about 180 days since 2015 when he assumed office in his first term.

The fallout is that apart from being unable to attend to urgent national issues and take significant decisions for the country, the President is perceived also not to be in charge of his government.

This has been evident in several conflicting actions and rancour within his same government.

Also in same December, contrary to claims by his spokesperson, Garba Shehu, Buhari’s dementia prevented him from visiting the scene of the abduction of over 300 school boys from Kankara town in Katsina State, his home state.

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A source had stated that the President’s dementia affected him once again and made him to visit his livestock farm on Saturday morning instead of visiting the school.

Dementia is a general term for loss of memory, language and thinking abilities – a condition which may be caused by the President’s old age or an undisclosed medical condition.