The Ondo State Government is doing everything possible to cover up details surrounding the death of Ojo Emmanuel Oluwafemi, a 16-year-old JSS 3 student of CAC Grammar School, Akure, who passed away on January 11, 2022. 

Parents of the student were called by a teacher in the school on the afternoon of that day that Oluwafemi was ill and had been rushed to a hospital for treatment. 

But when the boy's father got to the hospital he didn't meet his son at the emergency room of the hospital. 

He was later directed to meet the teacher at the hospital gate where he saw Oluwafemi being brought in dead by a commercial taxi driver, who disappeared from the place immediately. 

Principal of the school, Mrs Oluwapelumi Adetimehin, stated that Oluwafemi looked healthy and bubbly when he got to school that fateful Tuesday.

However, another account of events leading to Oluwafemi's death claimed that he attempted to jump through a window but hit his head against the post and collapsed in the process.

He was said to have been given hydrocut injection by a nurse at the school's clinic at about 9:00am before being taken to hospital around 1:30pm.

Physician of the deceased's family, Dr Ilesanmi Micheal, in a recent interview insisted that it was only a qualified and certified medical doctor that was permitted to administer hydrocut injection on anyone.

Investigation has, however, revealed that the the Ondo State Government was doing everything to cover up circumstances surrounding the death of the boy because the school's principal was wife of Chairman of Ondo State All Progressives Congress, Engr Ade Adetimehin. 

According to a reliable source, the deceased's parents had no intention to speak to the press about the death of their son until they started hearing contradictory accounts of what must have happened to their son. 

They wondered why none of the school teachers volunteered to take the boy to the hospital in their cars and why the state government had to offer them money two days after the boy's death.

Mother of the deceased student, Prophetess Omolade Ojo, revealed that there were details about the death of her son that the school was hiding from the the public.

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