A German Immigration official has stopped and questioned a Nigerian diplomat at the Frankfurt Airport while travelling to the United States with seven family members on the tax payers’ money.

The official, a woman, whose name was not disclosed, said she did it to temporarily delay the diplomat as she found appalling how Nigerian politicians squandered taxpayers’ money on themselves and families at the detriment of the masses.

The officer, according to Nigeria Abroad, married to a Nigerian man, insisted that the diplomat, in Germany on stopover from Nigeria, must state his mission to the United States.

After wasting time “trying to be diplomatic,” the official noted, the unnamed diplomat “lowered his voice and said, ‘vacation.’”

She revealed that in the incident that happened on Monday morning by 6am German time, all the envoy’s family members flew business class.

The officer said she could not believe such waste was acceptable, but could not find any valid ground to further hold the diplomat down; so she let him go.

She shared these while checking our correspondent’s documents, and further asked the reporter, “What are you guys doing about your leaders?”

The reporter told her that the Western world must do its part to hold African leaders accountable, adding that Nigerians have met brutality and death while protesting bad governance.

The immigration officer, who seems abreast of Nigerian news, agreed that Nigerians had become helpless in the circumstance, citing the #EndSARS protest.

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