Human rights and pro-democracy group, Take It Back UK has commenced Monday protests at the Nigerian High Commission in London to demand the release of political prisoners, including Omoyele Sowore. 

Human rights activist, Sowore, has been restricted to Abuja under the Muhammadu Buhari regime. Sowore's movements have been restricted to Abuja by an Abuja High Court since October 2019.

The protest holds at 7pm on Mondays. 

A statement by the Take It Back Movement UK sent to SaharaReporters on Tuesday, said each Monday, it "meets at the Nigerian High Commission to demand the release of political prisoners. They are still illegally restricting Sowore to Abuja. And he is like a bone stuck in the lawless regime's neck. 

"We will meet every Monday to mark each week. It is now just under 1,000 days. Injustice on Sowore is an injustice to us all. They are now also paying thugs with machetes to attack him at each court hearing. We will not be tired! We will not be silenced! Come and join us where we continue to put their feet to fire. Our ancestors appreciate your stand and they stand with you."

Videos and pictures obtained by SaharaReporters show as the Take It Back UK protesters stand outside the Commission, calling for Sowore's freedom. 

The protesters displayed placards reading 'Revolution Now', 'Free Sowore Now, It's Revolution Time - Take It Back', and others. 

In one of the videos recorded outside the Nigerian High Commission in London, a voice is heard condemning the Buhari regime for persecuting Sowore. 

The man says, "We are here because of the illegal detention of Omoyele. We are here every Monday, our numbers are increasing. We are disappointed and disgusted with the Buhari regime that is unwilling to do for its citizens what is necessary, that a government should do.

"We call out that lawlessness and demand, we are demand, we are not asking. We are demanding that these things be rectified. We demand immediate release from this illegal detention of Omoyele Sowore, the citizen who has fought on behalf of the citizens of the country known as Nigeria. We are disgusted that people both home and abroad continue to loot the country dry without remorse.

"They hide their faces. They are unwilling to make comments. They don't wish to engage, they just wish to continue to loot. These are not people that should represent the country that is known as Nigeria." 

In another video, one of the protesters who was asked if any impact was being made by the protests, replied, "There is always an impact made and the reason you know there is an impact made is because these people come as you see them across the road, will have very different smiles, will come out just to see what you are doing. 

"Then they pretend they are not watching, then they will pass and ask questions. They even see other people who say they are Nigerians. They will say I'm a Nigerian, then they will come and engage with you and they will say they are not happy."  

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