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Of Super Cops, Super Villains, Ndlea And The Cup Of The Ammorites

February 19, 2022

"It's the tailor." he said. "I saw him looking smart and clean in the pictures he sent me and I asked him who his tailor was."

When the story first hit the media space last year, and he started swearing and denying all allegations against him, some Nigerians believed him. Then the FBI began to release text messages between him and Abbas Ramon, aka Hushpuppy. He then changed gear. 

"It's the tailor." he said. "I saw him looking smart and clean in the pictures he sent me and I asked him who his tailor was." 

Some of his Nigerian believers began to have doubts about him. 

"Tailor kèe," They said. What is a supercop doing with a super crook they asked again?

But other Nigerians still decided to give him the benefit of doubt. 

Until the wily, relentless, and ubiquitous FBI released another communication between the internet fraudster and Abba Kyari

"I am happy to be your boy," the crook said to the policeman.


And that was it! His last group of supporters hurriedly left him. And from that moment, his remaining reputation went downhill.

Until now!

It is difficult to understand how a man in his position and situation could not muster the discipline required to keep out of more trouble, to lie low and avoid needless controversies. 

Did he offend his ancestors? Maybe they were the ones calling him. Did he kill an innocent person in cold blood? If he did,  perhaps it was the blood of the innocent that had gone to the Supreme Judge to plead for revenge and justice. After all, the blood of Abel had gone before the Almighty asking for justice following his murder by his brother Cain. Or perhaps, it was the prayers of those he was reputed to incarcerate and torture on his way to establishing the fearful reputation he had garnered for himself following his exploits against criminals, social deviants  and unwholesome characters.

How else can anyone explain the massive fall  of a supercop from such grace to grass? 

I mean, he was already down and was the subject of an international extradition battle with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Now he has been indicted by the revitalised National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for also running a drug cartel from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Brazil.

How can a man who knows that his fate is hanging in the balance, go ahead and commit a more egregious crime? It could only be because he was absolutely confident that nothing would eventually happen to him because of the powerful people behind him. Or perhaps, he was stark raving mad. 

After all, his Oga at the top, the Inspector-General of Police had suspended him when his deleterious dalliances with internet fraudster, Hushpuppy was made known to the public. Yet the same I.G. was only too happy to welcome him at the wedding ceremony of his son. How was that even possible? The former supercop, now turned super villian had greatly embarrassed the I.G. who had appointed him to head the prestigious Intelligence Response Team. 

But what manner of suspension was he on anyway, when he still commanded the same respect he had in his days as supercop? Before he was suspended he had control of his 'boys' in uniform. During his period of suspension he still had control over the same boys. You see why so many Nigerians believe that this is a 'the more you look, the less you see' scenario. They believe that the powers that be in Nigeria do not want to send him to the United States, and have therefore conjured this NDLEA situation. And why do they not believe that? They are saying that if he gets to the U.S. in chains and handcuffs, he will name a lot of powerful people who roll with him in corruption.

Don't blame Nigerians for not believing government, government institutions and spokes persons. Too much lies, too much falsehoods and too much gra-gra.

I believe that this latest Abba Kyari drug related issue is real. The sooner the I.G. and other sympathizers or backers wash their hands off Abba Kyari and his criminal organisation, the better. At least the Police Service Commission seems ready to do the right thing. 

Let the NDLEA do their investigations and blow Abba Kyari's drug gang wide open. But let his extradition to the United States go on as scheduled. If found guilty of crimes there, he should serve his time then be returned to Nigeria to also serve his time in our notorious prisons.

That is the only way Nigerians can credit the government with something positive over this sordid affair.

After all, they are fighting corruption.

Fighting corruption?