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Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia To Donate 70 Fighter Jets To Ukraine

EU would fund the transfer of the fighter planes from multiple countries

Ukrainian pilots have reportedly arrived in Poland to start the process of taking control of fighter planes they expect to be donated by European countries, a Ukrainian government official has said.

The Ukrainian parliament on Monday tweeted that Europe was sending 70 fighter planes to Ukraine, including 28 MiG-29s from Poland, 12 from Slovakia and 16 from Bulgaria, along with 14 Su-25s from Bulgaria.


This is coming after peace talks between Ukraine and Russia ended in nothing on Monday.

According to the report, potential transfer of older Russian-made planes to be used in combat against Russian forces could be the most significant moment yet in a wave of promised arms transfers over the past 24 hours that includes thousands of anti-armor rockets, machine guns, artillery and other equipment.

It’s not clear just yet what countries are donating the jets, but European Union security chief Josep Borrell pledged over the weekend that the EU would fund the transfer of the fighter planes from multiple countries.

Borrell walked that back slightly on Monday, acknowledging that any transfers wouldn’t come from the EU itself, but would instead be donated “bilaterally” by individual EU countries.

Poland and Slovakia still fly Russian-made planes similar to those used by the Ukrainian air force, meaning the pilots would not need much training if the planes were transferred.