A vote of no confidence has been passed on the University of Benin Students’ Union President, Comrade Amadin Osazee, for alleged abuse of office, insubordination, gross misconduct and negligence of duty.
The union’s Secretary General, Oredia Destiny; Attorney General, Aninze Ekene; Assistant Secretary General, Sylvester Omoregie and Director of Sports, Benson Osademe in a joint statement accused the President of frustrating all efforts in ensuring the reinstatement of a student who was suspended for strange reasons  from his faculty.

They also accused him of violating the constitutional requirements of the union, by releasing a memo on its behalf with his ‘personal letterhead paper’ and which is void of the Secretary General’s signature.
The statement read, “The President frustrated all efforts made by the Union in ensuring the reinstatement of a student (name withheld) who was withdrawn for strange reasons  from his faculty. Precisely speaking, the President declined to sign a letter that sought the intervention of the Vice Chancellor on the issue. This is against the fundamental objectives and principles of the Union and contravenes PART VI, Section 15, Subsection 4, of the Union’s Constitution.
“Even after duly notified, the President was absent during the “Peaceful Walk” organized by the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students, PANS, in respect to late Susan Oboh’s unfortunate demise on the 9th of March, 2022.  Thereafter, and without and as against the spirit of the constitution, he released a memo using his personal letter-headed paper to speak on behalf of the executive council without the notice of the executive members, condemning the said “Peaceful Walk” and described it as an act of "defiance" by the Students because his permission was not obtained in support of it.
“For the purpose of clarity devoid of doubt, the so called "Act of Defiance" acclaimed by the President was a peaceful student demonstration that sought to sensitize relevant institutions of some peculiar challenges that UNIBEN Students are faced with. It is informative to add that this peaceful demonstration was never a fight against the school but just to add a voice to one of the most challenges being faced in our dear nation today, this explains why some members of the executive, Dean of Students, and active security personnel in solidarity, were all indeed present to ensure that serenity and order was maintained, but where was the SUG President at such a time of solidarity?! This ran afoul of PART VI, Section 15 and Subsection 4 and against his oath of office (Schedule III SUG Constitution). Recent reports has proved that the level of security operations around the campus environs have positively improved occasioned by that “Peaceful Walk” which the President verbally and on paper, excluded himself from.
“Furthermore, the President has more-so invariably keeps  violating the constitutional requirements of the Union, by releasing a memo on behalf of the Union with his ‘personal letterhead paper’ and which is void of the Secretary General’s signature. One of the said memo indirectly justified the use of ‘harmful chemicals’ on Students who voted him into power was debunked and repudiated by the other members of the executive council on the 15th of March, 2022.
“The President described the idea to purchase a printer, computer and generator for the Union’s Secretariat as “Not Important enough” thereby refusing it. But at his convenience, milk the Union’s treasury when his needs require so be done. He also, has frustrated all efforts made towards the effective maintenance of the Union’s Vehicle(Sienna) solely because he is not affected by the fate of rigorous trekking that other members are faced upon discharge of official duties hence, slowing down the pace at which the Union runs her activities and defeating the very purpose of purchasing it in the first place. Recall that the President had earlier termed the Union’s Toyota Camry as his “Personal Vehicle(GIFT)”, hence, he denied other members of the executive access to it. This better explains why he cannot be bothered about the state of other Union’s Vehicle(Sienna). This act is at variance with the provisions of PART XI, Section 40, Subsection 1(a).
“Just as Adolf Hitler of NAZI Germany, the president suspended PART VI, Section 16 and Subsection 6 of the Constitution by dictating his wills over the decisions of the simple majority of the executive council on crucial matters that affected the Union in general. The President upon interaction with the School Management makes all decisions alone and hide all vital information from other members of the executive council. Such act is condemnable by the above section of the constitution.
“In obedience to the supreme constitution, the Students’ Union Parliament fulfilled their obligation in ratifying and approving the annual budgets of union officers. Thereafter, it was time for the President as the head of the Union to give the necessary cooperation that was required of him, to see that funds are properly dispensed for the smooth running of various offices, but No! The president resumed his dilly-dally tactics once again and slowed down all attempts towards the Budget. Up till now, that process has been put on a pause awaiting the mercy of MR. President. Most importantly, we want to unequivocally say that this issue of budget directly affects the Students of University of Benin as every Officer has student-centered programs to execute in fulfillment of our electioneering promises to the Students who voted us into power. e.g the forthcoming William Ubong Memorial Ceremony, Legal Symposium, SUG Week, Visionary Youth Conference, and many others.
“The President acting without the knowledge of the executive council, single-handedly removed the Director of Finance as a signatory to the Union’s account. This conflicts with PART VI, Section 16, Subsection 1 and 2 and PART XI, Section 40, Subsection 2(a). If the intention of the president was a genuine one, why is he running the Union’s affairs in secrecy?
“Finally, the totalitarian-nature of President Amadin Foster, has helped buried an enormous amount of Student-related issues beneath the soil and unfortunately enough, he has failed to realized that “anything that grows up was first, buried beneath”.  As a result, one should not be surprised when such mustard seeds germinate into a mighty tree and start bearing unfavorable fruits. For the sake of the records and for posterity, here comes this lamentation.
“We conclude by saying, the ten offices that constituted the Students’ Union executive council,  were duly elected on the 24th of September, 2021 by the Students of Uniben and as such, each individual office reserves the right to implement the responsibilities allocated to it without undue stampede and oppressive interference. Following the above listed power abuses, we the executive council hereby pass a vote of no confidence on the Students’ Union President, Comrade Amadin Osaze Foster.
“We therefore, use this medium to enjoin all Students of the University of Benin to put safety first even as the ASUU Strike lingers. The Union will communicate her next line of action as regards the strike soonest. In addendum, we wish TEAM UNIBEN success in the ongoing NUGA Competition.”

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