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Group Slams President Buhari's Government Over Poor Electricity Supply In Nigeria

According to the group, Nigeria is not only sick but also panting on the sickbed.

A group, Nigerian Voters Assembly, largely made up of former candidates of political parties, has lamented the current electricity challenge in the country. 


The group noted that electricity supply had now become a privilege, stating that the country may have a covenant with darkness.


The position of the group was made known on in Abuja during the launch of the new platform --NVA. 


According to the group, Nigeria is not only sick but also panting on the sickbed.


The group further noted that Nigerians needed to send out the armed robbers presently in positions of power, alleging that politicians were responsible for the situation in Nigeria today.


"We are calling on well-meaning Nigerians to go out there to the grassroots and educate our people on the need to send out the armed robbers that are presently in the politics of Nigeria that are responsible for the situation in the country today.


"We never believed that after vision 2020 that Nigeria in 2022 will look like a permanent state of an accident where everyone wants to break away from. Our problem is that we are lacking from that particular specie of an angelic leader who has the mental, physical and intellectual capacity to coordinate, mobilise and sensitise the cities.


"We sympathise with Nigerian students and parents who are at the receiving end of the ongoing ASUU strike. These people will never forgive you and posterity will never forgive you. 


"Do the needful, billions of dollars belonging to the federal republic of Nigeria were channelled to highly insensitive priority. We called on Nigeria students to join hands with us.”


A statement jointly signed by the national chairman, Niyi Dada, and National Secretary, Abdullahi Bello, stressed that the NVA is to ensure that the electorates are adequately educated of their rights as deciders of political fates, as well as the need to safeguard their votes after the ballots until results are announced reflecting their expressed wishes and direction at the poll.


“I am delighted to convey the press release of the aggrieved members of political parties for further consolidation of the credibility of party process and sustenance of Democracy in Nigeria.


“In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Electoral Acts, parties are the pillars of democracy and they reflect fundamental political divisions in our society.


“A political party is an organization that coordinates candidates to compete in a particular country’s elections, and it is common for the members of a party to hold similar ideas about politics and parties to promote specific ideological or policy goals.


“Political parties usually include a party leader, who has primary responsibility for the activities of the party, and party executive’s with duties to perform, administratively in organizing the party.


“However, in many cases, it’s not like that because most of the party is being run by one person like a personal business, no consultation with the caucus of the party, it’s just a one-man affair and for us, we can’t allow ourselves to be used as the stick in the hands of Men for their personal profit.”


The statement further noted that a platform such as NVA was necessary because:


“Most of the parties has deviated from its fundamental principles and orientation of into a cash and carry platform.


“The National Chairmen of some parties has transmuted into a political demi-god abhors the essentials of democracy by operating the party as a personal estate, and fiefdom of dictatorship being operated through unofficial gatekeeping termites.


“The way and manner national officers and state chairmen of the parties are treated, removed and replaced with impunity sort of the Orwellian Animal Farm is pungently sad. This behavioural rascality has aborted the vision and mission and indeed, questions the moral pedigree as well as the political goodwill of the parties.


“The chronic lack of transparency and accountability in the financial dealings of the parties is too worrisome. Thus, the party's zombie administrative policy and ostrich operations are posing a serious threat to the party”s growth and development.


“The ultimate aim of the party as it is today is unquestionable. The course of unfolding events and history will definitely vindicate us.”


The group further called on politicians and youths who are not satisfied with their current parties to join the NVA as a viable alternative that can help actualise their political dreams and aspirations.


“We wish well for parties and other members who decided to remain in the party based on personal conviction or lack of an alternative. We wish to warn other Nigerian youths to think twice before joining any political party.


“However, we are here to officially launch Nigeria Voters Assembly. It’s a political movement/coalition of former Presidential candidates, Gubernatorial candidates, National Parties officials, State Parties chairmen and other influential people from different political parties to mobilize and educate Nigerian voters to know more about their voting rights for a better democracy.


“As a group, we will continue to mobilize ourselves by using our national and State structure, so that at the end we can affiliate with any presidential candidate of our choice that can take Nigerians to the promised land.”