Human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has lambasted members of the Arewa Twitter community who have refused to speak against insecurity in Nigeria.
Yesufu, in separate tweets on Thursday, called them out for not challenging the incompetence of President Muhammadu Buhari while they are always vocal over religious matters.

Aisha Yesufu
Arewa Twitter is a community of predominantly male Muslim Northerners on the micro-blogging site, who are largely regarded as fanatics, chauvinists and misogynists.
She further described them as “Protectors of Islam but not protectors of lives” particularly with the way Arewa Twitter lashed out at a Twitter user @Kwtharrrr_ who queried the rationale behind seeking the permission of her husband before leaving the house.
The tweet which generated outrage reads, “I don't think seeking ‘permission’ from one's husband before going out makes any sense. Informing your spouse that you're going out should be enough. Of course with info about the place and time and with whom, for safety reasons."
Subsequently, Kawtharrrr_ took to her Instagram story to announce that she would be taking some time off the two social media channels as she claimed she was bullied by some people over her tweet. The bullying, she said had taken a toll on her mental health.
She wrote, “I'm experiencing bullying like no other on Twitter and IG (because a blog thought it was okay to make a screenshot of my tweet and post it on their IG for their rather violent and aggressive audience to see.) I will be off Twitter and IG for now because all that has happened has taken a toll on my mental health. If you have to reach me, please send me a WhatsApp message or email me.”
Reacting to the development, Aisha Yesufu said in different tweets, “They are not outraged because of the killings. They are outraged because the killings are not done while they are in power. Their humanity is dependent on who is in power! Depraved beings!
“Arewa Twitter, well done! When you are killed like flies that means nothing it becomes a test from Allah and you will not make demands on the incompetent President called Buhari but when it comes to a person you will attack and it will not be a test."
“Protectors of Islam but not protectors of lives. Arewa Twitter well done. Defending religion is when your veins stand on end. Defending the rights of Human beings to live is where you are nowhere to be found.”
“An area in Zaria was yesterday attacked and it was not enough for Arewa Twitter to be outraged. Is kidnapping allowed in Islam? Why are you not outraged at the terrorists defaming Islam with their violence?”
“If it is to attack people in the name of protecting Islam Arewa Twitter comes out in hordes. When it is time to pay child support, look after children and not throw them on the streets, educate boys and girls that Islam enjoins they are nowhere to be found.”
“These terrorists are raping girls in front of their fathers. Raping women in front of their husbands but Arewa Twitter is not angry. They say it is a test from Allah.
Their anger is to people who give their opinion on Islam. They forget the free will from Allah.”

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