The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has revealed names of militants and their commanders terrorising the South-East region.

According to a statement issued by Emma Powerful, IPOB's spokesperson on Tuesday, the unknown gunmen are members of the local Ebubeagu security team and self-acclaimed members of the Eastern Security Network (IPOB's military wing).

Their names were listed as Chibuike Igwe; Paul Udenwa; Okwudili Dim (aka) One Nigeria; Sky from Umutanze Orlu and a man nicknamed 2men from Umuna.

According to the statement, IPOB listed others terrorising Orlu in Imo State as Chinedu Agbaradu-Amagu commander; Cheta odinkenma - Amagu; Uchenna Nwachukwu; Chibyke Gezek Amagu and Chukwudi Odimegwu.

He further listed impersonators of ESN members in Oru East and Njaba LGAs of Imo State as: Akiriko Atta; Kingkom. The impersonators of ESN members in Orsu-Ihiteukwa are: The man called Uru; Sky; No one; Double lion and a man called Commander.

IPOB also placed a bounty on the head of the aforementioned persons.

The statement noted, “IPOB is hereby declaring them wanted, and anybody who can give useful information about them will get handsome reward".

It added, “We, the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to disclose the names of Ebubeagu security team terrorising and killing innocent citizens of Imo State.

“The Ebubeagu leaders who are behind the killings in Orlu senatorial zone of Imo State are as follows: 1) Chibuike Igwe 2) Paul Udenwa From Amaifeke Orlu 3) Okwudili Dim (aka) One Nigeria 4) The man called Sky from Umutanze Orlu and the man called 2men from Umuna in Orlu. Anybody who knows the whereabouts of these people should report to IPOB and ESN members for prompt action.

“Again, the fake self-acclaimed ESN operatives terrorising Orlu province of our land should be brought to book. They are also part of the Killings, kidnappings and rapes going in that vicinity. These vampires are forcing the residents to buy them guns or give them money to continue with their barbaric activities. These are hoodlums recruited by corrupt politicians and security agencies to demonise IPOB, and now they are out of their control. They carry out this evil act right from 12am to 3am daily. They are as follows:

“1) Cyril Amasiatu (aka) wasara. 2) Iron Agbaradu from-Amagu. 3) Chinedu Agbaradu-Amagu commander. 4) Cheta odinkenma - Amagu. 5) Uchenna Nwachukwu. 6) Chibyke Gezek Amagu 7) Chukwudi Odimegwu. The fake ESN members in Oru East and Njaba LGAs of Imo State are.

“1. Akiriko Atta. 2. Kingdom. The impersonators of ESN members in Orsu- Ihiteukwa are: 1. The man called Uru, 2. The man called sky, 3. The man called No one, 4. The man called Double lion 5. and The man called Commander. These people mentioned above are behind the criminalities going-on in these communities including kidnapping, car snatching and rape. IPOB is hereby declaring them wanted, and anybody who can give useful information about them will get handsome reward.

“These criminals mentioned have done a lot of damage to our people living in Orlu area of Imo State. IPOB has always told the public that the above-mentioned hoodlums are part of the criminalities going on in our land.

“No criminal should be allowed to demonise IPOB. These agents of darkness and their sponsors should be brought to book to pay for their atrocities.” 

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