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2023 Elections: Buhari Warns International Community Against Interference, Threatens Riggers

Buhari asked the global community to avoid asserting negative influences in the coming elections.

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned the international community against interfering with the general elections in 2023.
Buhari asked the global community to avoid asserting negative influences in the coming elections.


He gave the warning at the State House in Abuja during an iftar dinner with members of the Diplomatic Corps.
The President said political temperature is bound to heighten in the run-up to the end of his administration on May 29, but that he was committed to “bequeathing a stronger culture of credible elections to Nigeria than I met”.
‘‘As Nigeria goes through this trajectory, I urge our friends in the global community, represented by you the Diplomatic Corps, to adopt a positive role that reinforces the doctrine of respect for our internal affairs and respect for facts and devoid of preconceived notions and bias,” he added.
Buhari vowed to use every legitimate means to protect Nigerians’ votes during the 2023 general elections.
“Those planning to rig the forthcoming elections should think twice because I intend to resolutely protect and defend the sacred will of the Nigerian people, to be expressed through the ballot box.”
On the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Buhari called for greater consideration for humanitarian conditions in the affected areas, warning that “the conflict will get worse if an immediate resolution is not found”.
“The war has lasted too long; cost so much and hurt too many people well beyond the immediate theatres.
“The rest of the world is progressively facing the impact of the conflict and this will certainly get worse if an immediate resolution is not found, not least in the area of food security,” he said.
He urged the world, especially the Muslim community to use the solemn and rewarding month of Ramadan to intensify prayers for the de-escalation of the conflict and for the return of peace to the world.
On the fight against Boko Haram, Buhari said: “As you know well, Nigeria has made significant progress in combating the Boko Haram group in the Northeast
“We are, however, recently confronted with new tactics deployed by the enemy to threaten our democratic values, as well as the common peace and freedom we enjoy in this country."