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How Terrorists Carried Out Attack On Ondo Catholic Church, Stole Getaway Car — Resident

Terrorists on Sunday killed many worshippers in the church during a service to celebrate Pentecost.

A resident in the Owo community of Ondo State has narrated how assailants invaded the St Francis Catholic Church, Owa-luwa Street, in the area on Sunday.


Terrorists on Sunday killed many worshippers in the church during a service to celebrate Pentecost.


According to the source, the attackers numbering about four had their weapons hidden in black sacks or bags.


According to the source, the terrorists first hijacked a vehicle in front of the church and subsequently killed a young man selling sweets in front of the building, before they launched a full attack on the worshippers.


While debunking reports of bomb explosions, he said the attackers, however, made use of explosives to cause smoke in the area to make it difficult for them to escape.


According to him, the attack was targeted at Igbo people, noting that the attackers purposely went to a church where the worshippers are predominantly Igbo people.

He said such attacks are likely to occur in future, noting that the attackers have pervaded every part of the community and state.


He said, “Actually, I lost my cousin to the attack but her children escaped by jumping over the fence. Some media reports claimed 20 persons died, others said it was a bomb explosion.


“What happened was that four people attacked the church. They were carrying sacks or bags. Before then, they had hijacked a VW Golf vehicle at the entrance of the church. The man wanted to buy corn. After that, they immediately went in.


“They shot a boy selling sweets in the front of the church; he was the first victim. In the course of the shooting, they detonated three explosives to ensure people would not see clearly. It was not really a bomb per se because if you look at the church building, it was intact, but some people called it a bomb explosion.


“In Owo, these people (attackers) are everywhere, they are in the bush, in Shasha, they are the ones riding motorcycles. So, I expected something like that to happen. The target of the attack was Igbo people because Igbo people are mainly Catholics. I believe more than 100 people were killed yesterday, only a few of the indigenous people died.


“I know at least more than 20 Igbo people who got killed. And yesterday, there was a reprisal and about 6 Hausa people were killed. It happened in a place called Ikare junction. There was another incident inside the town, where Hausa people sell aluminium and iron rods. Some guys went there to kill Hausa people there yesterday.”