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21-year-old College Basketball Player Killed, Eight Persons Injured In Another US Mass Shooting

The US police revealed that they had not made any arrests in relation to the incident.

A United States college basketball star identified as Darius Lee was killed and eight other people were injured in a mass shooting in Harlem, Manhattan on Sunday night.

The US police revealed that they had not made any arrests in relation to the incident.


Darius Lee was a 2018 graduate of St. Raymond High School in the Bronx. He was set to graduate from Houston Baptist University next year.

Lee made his family, friends, coaches, and teammates proud, and they honoured him Monday night in Harlem and Houston.

The victim's family members were pictured holding each other in agony Monday, to mourn the deceased.

The police confirmed that people were out having a barbecue, and a group was also filming a music video when investigators believed some kind of dispute broke out between two rival gangs.

According to an eyewitness, the gunshots echoed along the Harlem River Drive and West 139th Street.

"Many in rapid succession; around 40 or 50 shots in such a short span of time," he said.

Then he said he saw almost 100 people fleeing, running like a stampede.

The police further disclosed that a gun was recovered at the scene, but it was unclear if it was one of the weapons used to carry out the mass shooting.

Darius Lee was one of the nine people shot overnight on Fifth Avenue and 139th Street. The scene was very close to where Lee lived.

His sister heard the shots and instinctively feared the worst.

“She called. He didn't answer. She called again. He didn't answer. His best friend called his mom and said, 'I'm sorry.' She said 'Sorry for what?' He said, 'I'm sorry, Darius was shot,'" Eric Lee, his brother said to CBS2.”