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Nigerian Police Arrest Man For Molesting 19 Underage Boys In Abuja

It was learnt that the Nigeria Police Force arrested the suspect who allegedly molested the under-aged boys that are within the ages of 12 and below.

No fewer than 19 minors have been allegedly molested by a man, Malam Kabiru, at Karmajiji village located on the Airport Road, Abuja.
It was learnt that the Nigeria Police Force arrested the suspect who allegedly molested the under-aged boys that are within the ages of 12 and below.


The FCT Administration (FCTA), Social Development Secretariat (SDS), said the suspect was arrested on June 19, when one of victims raised the alarm after he had lured him into his room with confectionaries.
The acting Director, Social Welfare Services of SDS, Alhaji Sani Amar, at a news conference on Tuesday in Abuja, said the suspect was apprehended based on the directive of the FCT Minister of State, Dr Ramatu Aliyu.
He emphasised that the social development secretariat was duty-bound to ensure that the rights of the less-privileged, vulnerable groups including children and women were protected.
He said, “On Sunday, June 19, I received a call from Karmajiji village of an individual simply identified as Kabiru, who was reportedly fond of molesting under-aged children that are within the age bracket of 12 and below.
“Immediately I mobilised our team and conducted an investigation and we were able to discover that there were more than 19 children that were victims of such molestation by the suspect.
“This happened as a result of one of the affected children whom the man reportedly lured into his room with sweet and orange. As he entered into the room with the child, he locked the room and attempted to forcefully have canal knowledge of his anus.
“The boy protested and struggled with the man which made the passersby to discover that something was going wrong in the room of Malam Kabiru (the suspect), they rushed into the room and the man was arrested.
“Many people gathered around and so many children confessed and opened up that yes, he did same to me, he did same to me few days ago.”
According to one of the children, the suspect allegedly succeeded in penetrating his body through his anus.
The director explained that the suspect gave the boy Indomie noodles and put sedatives that made the boy to sleep after which he defiled him.
“When the boy woke up he discovered something was wrong with his body, he told the suspect that he wanted to use the toilet, then the suspect gave him N50 to go to a public toilet.
“When the boy went to a commercial public toilet at Karmajiji to ease himself, he noticed something very unusual coming out of his anus and he rushed home and informed his parents.
“And immediately when I got the information, we reached out to the Nigeria Police Force and the Divisional Police Officer, Wuye Division, immediately ordered his men to apprehend the man.
“After all the necessary investigation at the divisional level, today we successfully together, with the police transferred the suspect with one of the boys that he molested to the Office of the State Criminal Investigation Department of the FCT, Police Command,” he said.