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Wife Of Nigerian Ex-lawmaker, Robinson Uwak, Accuses Husband Of Kidnapping Their Twin Children With Men In Military Uniform

Uwak is a former member of the House of Representatives who represented Oron, Mbo, Okobo,Ure-Offong/Oruko and Udung-Uko federal constituency of Akwa Ibom State at the 7th Assembly.

A woman, Kezia has alleged that her estranged husband, a former lawmaker, Robinson Uwak burgled her house alongside gunmen in military uniform and abducted her twin children.

Uwak is a former member of the House of Representatives who represented Oron, Mbo, Okobo,Ure-Offong/Oruko and Udung-Uko federal constituency of Akwa Ibom State at the 7th Assembly.


Kezia who said she had reported the case at the police station, noted that Uwak was wearing a mask while the men with him were in military uniform.

She further alleged that the men approached her parents on the road, and seized their phones.

She wrote on Facebook, “My kids were abducted from our house just now using men in military uniform and guns.

“They broke into the house, violently grabbed the twins, who began to cry in fear and the children and roughly flung them into their tinted cars.


“Robinson was behind them, in a mask and face cap, he came in, shouting at me, calling me stupid and then grabbed my daughter from my arms while the other armed man grabbed my son.


“This happened in a matter of 1 minute. Honour and I were at home alone. We were screaming and in terror.


“The armed kidnappers in camouflage also accosted my mother and father on the road and seized their phones.


“We are at the police station now. I’m broken. I’m shaking. How did I get involved with such a beast?"


This comes amid several allegations of domestic violence Kezia had levelled against her husband.

She alleged that Uwak also attempted to kill her for trying to leave the marriage.

On May 29, she alleged on Facebook that Uwak strangled her and attempted to kill her adding that he also inflicted physical injuries on her mother.


She wrote, "Hon. Robinson Uwak strangled me and attempted to kill me when he found out I was trying to leave the marriage and he did this right in the room where my children were asleep.


"He kicked my parents out of his house at 2 am after he put a machete to my mom’s neck and kicked her twice to the ground causing her to injure herself and break her phone.


"He lied to me that he was not married to his ex-wife anymore- that he was divorced.


"He is now threatening to kill me and my parents for me leaving him. I have Pictures, Videos & Audio evidence. I got married to him after he deceived my family and I that he was divorced from his ex-wife.


"Stating that his marriage was annulled because it didn’t legally exist- this was a lie. He deceived my family and I into being married to him. I sit here in terrible pain from my head to my toes after I was terribly battered by my so-called “husband” while he accused me of unfounded and blatant lies.


"My neck is swollen and hurts- I can’t swallow well- from how he tied my neck with the nape of what I was wearing and used both hands to strangle me telling me he will “kill me and go to jail.”


"He used his feet to stomp on my chest with all of his might and I have severe chest pains & aches. He slapped and pounded my skull with his fists so many times- hitting my head hard against the tiles in his room over and over while my children slept in the next room.


“On the 27th of May around 8 am, he charged into my room where I sleep with my twins and started to accuse me falsely.


"Before I could open my mouth to even understand what was happening, he flung me on the floor and began to strangle me. I was screaming. I was horrified.


"He then told me to move to his room- next door- he locked all the windows and doors & commanded me to sit on the floor & then proceeded to tell me that I can never leave the marriage- and break up his home- he said will kill my family and I. He said he is ready to commit murder. He said it doesn’t matter how long it takes, 5-10-15-20 years, that he will find my parents and I and kill us.


"He will use N50 million, even N100 million to send kidnappers and killers to end my life and that of my parents. He said I cannot embarrass him maritally a second time.


"That he only let his first wife go because she didn’t have kids. But he will kill me before I leave him. And that I cannot have custody of his kids. He said I will always look over my shoulder in this country for the rest of my life.


"And that he will leave to the U.S and pay people here in Nigeria to kill me and my parents. He swore over and over on a hard copy of the Bible that he will kill me & my parents.


"He claims he uses the services of the SSS (State Security Service) to track the phones of people in my life against their wills. Please his friends in DSS (Department of State Services) & SSS need to be investigated. He threatens my friends and family at any provocation.


"I found out he is still in a divorce tussle with his ex-wife and I began to make moves with my lawyer on how to leave the marriage because it means my marriage to him is void & he’s committing bigamy...”


Also on June 4, she alleged that her husband had been sponsoring people to share false stories about her despite having threatened to kill her.


Meanwhile, Uwak had on January 28, 2022, signed an undertaking to ensure peace in his marriage to Kezia. He admitted in the undertaking that he had been assaulting her, including spitting on her.


The undertaking reads, “The eventual resolution of this marital dispute is subject to the following:


“That Mrs. Kezia Uwak and children take two weeks holiday in Calabar to recuperate at Mr and Mrs Peter Irek's home (the parents). Thereafter, she returns with the Children to her marital home with Mr. Robinson Uwak at Abuja.


“2. That henceforth there should be a halt to;


“A. Spitting on the wife at any provocation


“B. Verbal attacks to humiliate and cause fear


“C. Raising of his voice amounting to shouting on her, swearing insults and threats of harm


“D. Insistent suspicion amounting to accusation verging on threat to harm of the partner


“E. Locking the wife in or out of the home


“F. Exhibition of unfounded, extreme jealousy at any personal relationship the wife has with her friends by her friends. Also unnecessary seizing/damaging of her phones at the slightest suspicion.


“G. Restraining the wife from employment which should give personal fulfilment


“H. Not recognizing that the wife also has fundamental rights which are constitutionally guaranteed 1. Violence of any kind as the well-being of Mrs. Kezia Uwak is now completely entrusted into his care and therefore no harm of any kind will be acceptable


“J. Lack of self-restraint and show of tolerance with more inner control to avert unpleasant consequences.


“K. That Robinson Uwak will have to come to Mrs Kezia Uwak's parents' home with those Elders who accompanied him during his Introduction/Traditional marriage in Calabar as show of restitution on this whole episode.”

However, efforts to reach Uwak on his mobile line were not successful as he did not answer repeated calls made by SaharaReporters nor reply to a text message sent to him. 


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